After having a brain injury, a man found that the only memories he could recall were from the most recent six hours…

A vehicle accident that occurred in Germany in the year 2010 left Daniel Schmidt with brain injury.

Even though the automobile accident left him with only six hours of recollection, he was still able to find his beloved, and she ended up giving birth to his first kid, much as in the movie 50 First Dates.

“I didn’t pass that day. It’s a marvel that I made it through all of this. Because of this, I choose to have a positive outlook on that particular day.

Daniel underwent extensive physical and speech therapy in an effort to help him return to his original state; however, he still has “anterograde amnesia,” a condition in which a person is unable to create new memories after an event that induces amnesia.

Because he has no capacity for long-term memory and can only recall things for six hours at a time, he must keep a daily journal in which he describes in great detail the locations he has seen and the people he has encountered and after six hours, these memories are gone from his mind.

Because of his condition, Daniel ended his relationship with his fiancée at the time, and he also distanced himself from acquaintances whom he no longer recognized.

Despite this, he was able to find love, and the woman who became his partner became pregnant with the couple’s first child.

On the other hand, this situation also poses a difficulty for him since, when he first met Katharina, he spoke up to her about the automobile accident and warned her that he would forget everything about her if they did not communicate with one another for three days. The two will behave in the same peculiar manner as they did when they first met.

Every day, Daniel finds himself falling back in love with the woman who is now his wife. It uses films and notebook notes to assist him in regaining memories that he had forgotten.

A number of years ago, the pair became parents for the very first time,however, Daniel has no recollection of his son’s birth or his development as a child.

He has been trying to assist those with similar diseases, and his upbeat nature is incredibly encouraging.

Despite the fact that he has a limited memory, he has been doing this job.

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