After he begged the owner of a café for money, the guy who had been homeless for the previous 16 years was offered something he’d be forever grateful…

Cesia Abigail Baires is the kind of person that respects individuals from all walks of life with the same level of respect. As a result, in 2016, when a homeless man entered her café to seek for money, she provided him with more than just a helpful hand.

Cesia, then 25 years old, was curious about his situation and questioned, “Why don’t you have a job? ” since she wanted to learn more about it.

The guy turned away and then proceeded to describe his predicament. He said that because of his previous misdemeanors, he is unable to acquire a job.

As a result, he is compelled to live on the streets and get money in the only method he is familiar with doing so: by stealing and by asking for it.

She had caught glimpses of him walking up and down Main Street in the past, but they had never had the opportunity to talk to one another.

Because it was obvious that Marcus didn’t have much of a choice given the situation he found himself in as a result of the cards he was dealt, Cesia made the decision to give him a chance by providing him a job at Abi’s Café.

“His grin brightened my day, and his eyes widened as they met mine, he said, “If it means getting some food, I’ll do anything for it.”

Before Marcus went to work, the proprietor of the coffee shop gave him a sandwich to eat, but instead of consuming the whole thing, he took half of it, wrapped it in aluminum foil, and took it outside to give it to a lady who was living on the street. Cesia said that the act “truly affected” her heart.

Marcus demonstrated his commitment by working hard and arriving on time every day for his two-hour shift, which was the most amount of time Cesia could afford to pay him for.

During this time, Marcus was responsible for helping to take out the garbage and wash the dishes. Marcus went to Cesia’s restaurant and ordered some lunch after he received his paycheck; he insisted to pay for it since eating there makes him happy.

After a week has passed, Marcus has not skipped a single shift, which has only served to increase Cesia’s confidence in him.

Despite the fact that she was experiencing some challenges in her company, she was certain that she had made the best decision possible by employing him.

Their story went viral, and many people commented that the homeless guy was fortunate to have been helped by Cesia. On the other hand, everything worked in reverse for her.

She remarked, “A lot of people are saying I’ve been a blessing for him, but at that moment I was the one who needed a blessing.”

Cesia provided an explanation by saying, “Just like Marcus, I had my assistance as getting to where I am now required the assistance of a large number of individuals.

They have faith in my ability to succeed. People have a fundamental need that others have faith in them.”

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