After he was escorted out of the bank for raising a disturbance, the police assisted an elderly guy…

After choosing to demonstrate understanding and compassion for an elderly customer who was making a disturbance at a local Bank of America location, a police officer went above and beyond for the customer, which resulted in the officer becoming an online phenomenon.

Officer Robert Josett and his fellow officers were reportedly summoned to a local Bank of America location to diffuse a volatile situation, as stated in a post that was made on the Facebook page of the Montebello Police Department.

Jesus Rangel, who was 92 years old at the time, was the one responsible for the “disturbance,” and he only required the patience of the people around him. According to the post’s narrative, when the officers arrived, they found that a 92-year-old man had been attempting to withdraw money from his account despite the fact that his California identity card had expired.

“According to the rules of the bank, they were unable to fulfill his request since the validity of his identity card had expired. Because the guy was upset, the police were summoned. It seems like an overreaction to a very minor problem to call the police in order to calm this situation down.

But in the end, this choice proved to be the optimal course of action to take. Officer Robert Josett was well aware of the best course of action to do in order to be of assistance to the agitated elderly guy.

According to the post, “Once cops arrived, Officer decided to take the guy to the DMV in town to assist him renew his identity card.

After having his identity card reissued with the help of the DMV, the customer was escorted back to the bank and given the opportunity to withdraw money from his account at that time. He expressed his gratitude to Officer Josett before continuing on his way.”

The so-called “disturbance” was calmed down and the elderly guy was able to go home with a grin pasted over his face because of the kind and understanding police officer. Despite the fact that there are a great number of officers like Officer Josett, it is unfortunate that it is occasionally the corrupt officers that make headlines.

It is comforting to learn that there are officers in the police force, such as officer Josett, who are prepared to provide a hand to an elderly person in need rather than merely detaining him for disorderly behavior.

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