After her parents divorced, a 6-year-old child gives her mother a wake-up call and a life lesson

Tiana is just six years old, but she has plenty of knowledge and is a good counselor for her divorced parents. She reveals to her mother that she wants to remain friends with her father despite the fact that they are divorced. She isn’t trying to be harsh; she simply wants everyone to get along. “If I can be polite, I think we can all be pleasant,” she begs her mother.

Cherish Sherry, her mother shared her daughter’s heartbreaking lesson on Facebook, and Tiana’s candid remarks quickly connected with many and went viral.

Adults are occasionally reminded of how to act and what is important in life as children! Sherry described her daughter’s statements as a wake-up call, bringing tears to her eyes. “I was taken aback,” she remarked. “She is instructing me.” “It jolted me awake.”

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