After his parents die, the boy takes on the role of father for his younger sister. He goes out of his way to be her father in the disguise of her brother, knowing little of fate’s terrible plan for his own daughter years later

When their parents were murdered in a car accident and their lives were turned upside down, Thomas, 19, was forced to make the most difficult decision of his life: focus on his studies or give them up to care for his younger sister, Andrea, 14. Nothing was more important to him than his sister, so he picked her above his future.

“Andie, I’ll never abandon you.” I’ll never offer you an orphan’s life. From now on, I’ll be your mother and father. “You’ve got me till my heart stops pumping, okay?” After their parents were laid to rest, he consoled Andrea through tears.

Thomas dropped out of college soon after and walked the streets, seeking “We are hiring” signboards. After being turned down by every business and firm owing to a lack of know-how and a degree, an auto repair shop opened the doors to his new life.

“Why should I hire you despite the fact that you’re a college dropout?” the supervisor asked Thomas in what appeared to be a simple interview question.

Thomas pursed his lips and spoke truthfully, melting the man’s heart and quickly roping him in for a vacant post.

“Because I told my younger sister that I would care for her like a father.” I don’t want her to believe she’s orphaned… “I want her future to be brighter.”

“You’re in, man! “You may join right now!” The boss shouted and clapped Thomas on the back.

Thomas’ first workweek was nothing short of a nightmare. He was not only new to the industry, but he was regularly bossed around by his coworkers, who were considerably older and more experienced than him.

“What a moron! Yuk! Yuk! Champ, don’t you know how to tighten a screw? ” They laughed. “You are still a child. Why don’t you mow the yard or walk the dogs? Oh no! Oh no!”

Because everything may change in the blink of an eye, appreciate and adore your family and show your affection for them.

But Thomas was too determined to give up and continued on, defying his bullies with his quiet and unwavering devotion to his work. This made them stop talking, so Thomas had more space to work hard day and night to save money for Andrea’s college.

Thomas focused his time and attention on earning more money and investing every cent in his sister’s future as the days passed. He slept for less than four hours each night and rose before the rooster crow to prepare breakfast for Andrea.

Her bath would be ready, her outfit would be perfectly ironed, and her daily allotment of $5 would be in her pocket. From combing her hair to taking her to school to confronting her bullies, Thomas did it all and never got weary of it.

Andrea gradually overcomes her sadness over the course of a few years. After graduating from high school, she enrolled in a prestigious institution far from home. She felt hesitant to abandon her sibling. However, Thomas convinced her to pursue her aspirations.

“I worked so hard for this day, Andie. You must leave. I’m not that far away from you. I’m constantly in your heart, and it’s just a few hundred miles away. I promise to pay you many visits!

Despite his inner anguish at being separated from his sister, Thomas had the will to send her away. He wished for Andrea to be an achiever like their late parents wished for both of their children.

As Andrea boarded the bus toward the city, Thomas emptied his pockets, shoving all his money into her hands. Andrea put her weeping face against the glass, waving at her brother as the bus slowly moved off.

Days passed, and as things began to change, Thomas fell in love with Sandra, a receptionist at the workshop. Sandra was an orphan, and Thomas fell in love with her not just for the amazing lady she was but also because she would be a fantastic addition to the family.

Thomas and Sandra married in a small ceremony, and months later, as they prepared to become parents, fate dealt them a cruel blow.

“It cannot be… “Please tell me she’s well, doctor.” When the doctors told him that they could only rescue his child at birth, he sobbed. His wife Sandra had died during labor, leaving him with another big responsibility—their infant daughter Libbie.

Andrea provided emotional assistance to a bereaved Thomas. She took an extended leave to care for his newborn child, but when Thomas urged her to focus on her life, she returned to the city.

After a few years, Thomas worked tirelessly day and night to care for his daughter. He continued to send Andrea money to help her finish college and discovered she had a boyfriend after viewing her profile photo with a guy on social media.

Thomas paid a surprise visit to Andrea’s flat one day, concerned about her future and wanting to know if she was in good hands. He met her boyfriend, Josh, who was a slacker and a jerk.

“Andie, I’m afraid you made the incorrect choice. You can’t have a lovely life with a “couch potato” like him. Thomas counseled his sister privately.

Josh, who had overheard their chat, barged in with an odd ultimatum for Andrea, asking her to choose between Thomas and him.

Who would Andrea pick? Her boyfriend or her brother? While her decision pleased one ear, it seemed like a funeral march to the other.

“It’s up to you now, honey.” I heard what your brother said, “He started.”

“This connection has lasted three years. You already know how content we are together. I’m not some couch

“Sweetie, it’s only that my brother adores me tremendously. He didn’t mean it, okay?” Andrea attempted to persuade Josh, who was still enraged.

“No, you pay attention to me, okay?” ONE OF YOUR BROTHERS OR I “The decision is all yours, dear.”

Andrea was perplexed at this moment. She handed Thomas his luggage and urged him to leave her apartment as tears streamed down her cheeks.

“I apologize, Tom. You’ve always desired that I go on. I can’t live without Josh because I adore him. I’ve reached a dead end. I can’t abandon him. I adore you, but I also adore him. I envision a bright future with him. “I hope this makes sense.”

Thomas marched out of his sister’s house, tears streaming down his cheeks, and walked the street. His heart had never felt heavier. But was it the end of it? No, unfortunately. Thomas had no idea what else was in store for him in the days ahead.

Andrea went on with her partner, graduated with honors, and landed a wonderful job. She stopped contacting her brother and was no longer as active in his life as she had been. Her final contact with Thomas was to mail him her wedding invitation. But Thomas didn’t show up for his sister’s wedding, and she didn’t have time to find out why.

Andrea discovered she couldn’t conceive a few months after her wedding. She went to the doctor and was told she was infertile. Andrea was devastated since she adored children. Later, Josh and she decided to adopt a kid, and she went to a shelter on the outskirts of town near her birthplace one day.

When she saw the kids, she was curiously drawn to a small girl who resembled her brother. Andrea initially assumed it was Thomas’s daughter, whom she had met some years before. Her suspicion was confirmed by a strange mole on her right hand. Andrea, alarmed, got her phone and dialed her brother’s number, but his phone was turned off.

“What’s your name, darling?” “What is the name of your father, and what are you doing here?” She double-checked with the girl.

“My name is Libbie, and my father’s name is Thomas, and he…” she sobbed.

“What happened to your father, sweetie?” “Please let me know.”

Libbie swallowed her emotions and then shared something that Andrea had not expected.

“While working in the garage, Daddy broke his hand.” “Our house was stolen, and he brought me here, assuring me that it was for my own benefit.”

Andrea was taken aback. She imagined her brother had gone on with his life, although she was completely unaware of his employment accident or handicap.

“What happened to your father?”

“He lives in a trailer,” Libbie said, falling onto Andrea’s shoulders. “I want to return home to my father.” “Could you please transport me?”

Andrea was horrified when her own niece couldn’t identify her.

That evening, she paid a visit to her brother in his trailer, where she discovered he had injured his hand while working a night shift to send money for her university fees years before. He’d lost his job and been evicted by his landlord for failing to pay his rent. Thomas had to give up his daughter in the end so that she could have a better life. He hoped that she would be adopted.

“I was driving a customer’s automobile after it had been repaired when the brakes failed. I slammed into a tree, severely injuring my hand had been repaired when the brakes failed. I slammed into a tree, severely injuring my hand. I was rescued alive thanks to the airbags. “But then I woke up with a missing hand, and my life went from bad to worse.”

“Why didn’t you tell me, brother?” Why do you adore me despite the fact that I have been a terrible sister to you? First, I harmed you by choosing Josh over you. Then, after collecting your last payment, I never contacted you. And then I became so preoccupied with my own life that I nearly forgot about you, assuming you were doing well. Andrea, ripped apart by remorse and shame, sobbed as she clutched Thomas.

“Because I said I’d be your father.” Even though their children despise them, their parents do not. “I know you don’t hate me, but even if you do, I’ll always adore you!”

Andrea’s heart was struck with a peculiar combination of anguish, remorse, and ecstasy. She reconnected with Thomas and his daughter a few days later and offered them to live with her at her home. But her choice irritated Josh, who still carried a grudge against Thomas.

Josh got more irritated by Thomas and Libbie’s presence in his home. He remained unemployed and wasted Andrea’s money on online games and food delivery, doing little to support her or the family. It bothered Thomas to learn that his sister’s spouse was a “good-for-nothing,” but he resolved not to meddle in their affairs.

When Andrea told Thomas about receiving a prosthetic hand, Josh became enraged.

“Is that a prosthetic hand?” “Do you have any idea how much it costs?” He yelled at her.

“Yes, I am aware.” And what’s the big deal about that? I’m footing the bill. “Why are you even asking?”

“GET OUT OF MY WAY!” I’ll send you the divorce papers as soon as I can.”

Andrea walked away from her boyfriend and hugged her brother and niece.

“I’d already made a mistake.” I cannot fix it for the rest of my life. I don’t want to see history repeat itself. I want to be near my family. “My family consists of you and Libbie!”

Andrea took care of her brother and niece from that day on, including paying for Thomas’ prosthetic hand. She divorced Josh a few months later and has never looked back. Her home was no longer made of bricks and cement but of pure love and pleasure.

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