After his wife died, music legend Pat Boone believed they would be reunited and looked forward to it

Pat Boone and his wife, Shirley, were married for 65 years. However, their partnership was not without difficulties. Their trust in God, on the other hand, kept them from becoming another divorced couple, as is Hollywood tradition. He believes they will be reunited when she dies and looks forward to their reunion.

Pat Boone, a singer and actor, won many hearts with anthems such as “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “State Affair.” His talent was not restricted to the silver screen. He also became well-known through his singing, creating popular songs such as “The Love Letters in the Sand.”

His wife, Shirley Jones, whom he fell in love with when they were 16 years old, inspired him to produce such lovely songs. Shirley was a new transfer student, and Boone was on his high school basketball team.

He recalls watching his coach converse with this lovely lady. He requested that his coach introduce them, and an instant mutual connection ensued. They began dating soon after.

The singer would later admit that they did not kiss for the first nine months because he did not want their relationship to seem superficial—it was pure love! When Shirley’s family had to move, it was the first time they worried about being apart, but Boone fought for his love.

He recognized he was about to lose her and decided it was time to ask her father, country icon Red Foley, for her hand in marriage. Foley, with tears in his eyes, asked Boone:

“Will you look after my girl?”

Boone replied he would and recalled tears welling up in Foley’s eyes since the intention had always been for him to bring his daughter with him, but now he would leave her behind. At the age of 19, the couple married.

Shirley and Boone’s marriage was unlike any other, and while they faced marital difficulties like any other couple, they opted to make it work. Shirley passed away in 2019 after being married for 65 years.

In November 1953, the two eloped and settled in Teaneck, New Jersey, where they had four daughters in five years. They helped each other reach their separate goals. Boone went to Columbia University, and Shirley took care of their daughters.

They would eventually settle in Beverly Hills, where they would spend most of their lives raising their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Boone used to remark about his loving wife:

“Being a wonderful wife, mother, and grandmother and creating happy homes were the things that would most please her.”

Shirley became a best-selling author, a philanthropist, a TV hostess, and a recording artist, while Boone’s music made him a well-known figure. The couple kept their marriage alive by having multiple “honeymoons” on ocean journeys together.

While their marriage looked to be the proverbial picture of perfection, Boone admitted that this was not always the case. As a young couple, they had various obstacles in their marriage at first.

They eventually got beyond the difficulties. The “April Love” singer revealed that not keeping secrets from each other is one way to make a youthful romance succeed. He recommends young couples talk about their concerns rather than hold grudges.

“The more you hide emotionally from each other, the more physically and intellectually distant you’ll be.” Always express your deepest desires and aspirations, and never stop pulling for one another.

While keeping an open mind in their marriage helped them stay married longer, their religion was crucial to the union’s success. Even though their marriage was far from perfect, Boone stated that marrying a gorgeous woman helped.

“You make vows to God and to each other, and in difficult times, you hold on to the commitment to God and to your children.”

When asked what the secret was, Boone said, “God,” because they had made a commitment to him until his death. He reflected on how they could have been yet another divorced couple, as is common in Hollywood, but they made it through by attending church, reading the Bible, and worshiping as a family.

When his wife’s health began to worsen, their unshakeable faith became a critical source of support for the music superstar and his family. When a friend asked Pat whether they could send a prayer request to the family, Boone said yes, adding:

“Thank you! “We expect miracles… that Jesus will be exalted.”

The 11th of January, 2019, was a tragic day for the Boone family and the rest of the globe. Shirley died after suffering from complications from vasculitis, which she had developed a year before. She died quietly in her and Boone’s Beverly Hills home.

While he missed his wife the most, the “I Almost Lost My Mind” singer believes he will see her again soon because they were only apart for a short time. He believes that after people die, they just shift addresses.

“I’ve been apart from my better half for a little while… “But we don’t die; we simply relocate, and today was moving day.”

“All she’s done is change her address and move to a different house, which I intend to join her in one day.” He continued, reflecting on the wonderful 65 years they had spent together.

Knowing he would rejoin her someday helped him cope with her death since he knew they would soon be together again and have a new beginning.

Following the death of his fiancée, Boone went through an intense period of preparing her memorial. Today, he takes things one day at a time and avoids looking at her images.

Shirley’s memory will live on in many people’s minds, notably for the altruistic humanitarian work, she accomplished across the world. She is best known for founding a billion-dollar Christian organization.

Shirley collected almost a million dollars in a week with the support of other ministers and compassionate groups, bringing medication and food to Cambodia to help with the famine crisis.

Their group later evolved into Mercy Corps, which is today one of the most well-known global hunger relief organizations. Most will remember her for her drive to give selflessly, but the “Goodbye Charlie” actor remembers his wife as beautiful, honest, and profound.

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