After learning that a young man had worked to earn money for his school supplies so that his mother wouldn’t have to, a man decided to…

After overhearing a young student explain to the cashier that he had been working all summer to help support his mother, a kind stranger decided to cover the young man’s whole bill and came forward to help.

While shopping at a Walmart in Georgia with her husband, Alan, Keri Miller overheard a young guy in front of them in the checkout line having a conversation with an employee.

“They could see that the young guy had all of his school supplies on the checkout conveyor belt and was having an upbeat conversation with a young cashier.

He informed the cashier that he had been employed during the summer and that he would be purchasing his own school supplies rather than asking his mother to do so. He said that this would relieve his mother of the responsibility.

He made the observation, “I worked all summer long. As a direct consequence of this, I gave my mother the assurance that she did not need to spend any money on my school supplies this year.”

Alan’s emotions were affected not only because he had deduced that the younger man’s mother was probably in need of assistance in getting him to school, but also because the young man in front of them had spent the entire summer assisting his mother and making her life easier. Alan made the decision to do him a favor by footing the whole cost for his purchase at the register.

“The next thing I know, my husband is shaking this guy’s hand and paying for his school supplies,” Keri said.

Alan extended his congratulations to the young guy on his successes and assured him that he was headed in the right direction in life.

“Alan has always admired hard work, and he urged this individual to continue doing what he was doing, knowing that he had a bright future ahead of him,”

Keri has the sincere desire that, rather than dwelling entirely on the unfavorable elements of life, we would one day become better able to acknowledge and participate in the acts of compassion and generosity that take place all around us on a daily basis.

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