After little girl’s dog passed away, she wrote a heartwarming letter to God

A gold box bearing her name and address is delivered to her home a few days later.
We’ve all heard how good it is for children to grow up with pets.
They learn from a young age to be responsible and to look after others while also having a playmate—this is especially important for only children.
The 14-year-old dog had been with the family for years and had eventually become a full member of the family.

They had always played together and developed a special and unique friendship since Meredith was born.
That’s why, when Abbey became ill and died, Meredith was devastated. She just couldn’t accept the fact that her best friend had abandoned them forever.
Colleen, Meredith’s mother, wrote on Facebook, “The day after she passed away, my 4-year-old daughter Meredith was crying and talking about how much she missed Abbey.”
Meredith, love”

The letter was then placed in an envelope with several stamps—Meredith insisted on using a lot of them because the journey to heaven is long—and mailed.
What about the address? This is referred to as “God” or “Heaven.”
Meredith asked her parents a few days later if God had received her letter, and they could only say that they assumed so.
The little girl’s parents thought the story ended there, but they were mistaken.

Meredith received a gold box with her name and address on it a couple of days later. It appeared to have been sent by God himself.
The box contained Mr. Roger’s book “When a Pet Dies,” as well as the letter and picture Meredith had sent.
Another letter was also present, which Colleen read to her daughter.

“To Meredith,

Abbey arrived in heaven safely. I recognized her right away because I had the photo.

Abbey is no longer ill. Her spirit is with me, just as it is in your heart. Abbey had a great time being your dog. I don’t have any pockets to keep your picture in because we don’t need our bodies in heaven, so I’m sending it back to you in this little book for you to keep and remember Abbey by.

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