After losing both her husband and home on the same day, the elderly woman’s neighbors decided to adopt her, however…

The kind neighbors of an old woman who went through the loss of both her husband and her house on the same day and had no other relatives took her in.

Gean LeVar’s spouse of 58 years was lost at the house that they shared in Glendale, Arizona, in the month of January 2021.

After discovering that they were living in deplorable circumstances, the police were obliged to destroy the residence, which resulted in her being homeless.

After learning that Gean had no family to turn to for support, her neighbor Carmen Silva, who she had only a passing familiarity with, stepped forward and reassured her that everything would be well.

“I told her, ‘Don’t worry, Gean, we’re going to repair it,'” Silva recalled.

“I’ve always taught my kids to take care of their elders,” Silva said, speaking on the decision to step up for her neighbor.

The Silva family has a huge heart despite the fact that their home isn’t very spacious. The eight members of the family reside in a house with just three bedrooms, yet they still found place for Gene.

In order to make place for their newly adopted grandma, the boys gave up their bed and started sleeping on the sofa instead.

“She seems extremely pleased, and I assume it’s because she now has a full family,” Silva said, “she looks really happy”. Gene has said that her new family “means everything” to her.

As a result of the fact that her husband served in the Navy, she was referred to the charitable organization Operation Enduring Gratitude, which assists Arizona veterans and the families of Arizona soldiers.

Their volunteers put in long hours to bring Gene’s ancient home back to life and make it habitable for future generations.

One of the volunteers articulated their motivation for the group’s collaboration as follows: “We’re all working together to achieve one thing, and that is to make somebody’s life entire.”

Now that she has received help, Gene wants to help others by passing it on to the Silva family since they are her new family.

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