After Melanie Griffith’s three previous marriages ended in divorce, Antonio Banderas entered their lives and impacted them “forever by…”

In 1995, actress Melanie Griffith battled addiction, had been through three failed marriages, and was a single mother to two small children who were in dire need of a father figure.

Her life was far from ideal until she worked on the set of the movie “Two Much” with Antonio Banderas, and it turned out that the actor was the solution to all of her problems and the answer to her prayers.

Griffith insisted that despite all of her difficulties, she was still a mother who could care for her children. She never fell unconscious on the floor and focused most of her attention on caring for her children.

On the other side, Don (her ex-husband) had a difficult time overcoming his addictions to alcohol and medications. He spent some time in and out of treatment facilities for substance misuse. He was also known for his prowess with the ladies.

Their daughter Dakota had a hard time dealing with the attention that their family received from the media due to the fact that they were so famous. She was also a very defiant and wild kid when she was a youngster.

Because her parents moved around a lot, Dakota had to change schools many times throughout her educational career. She was educated at home at one time in her life. Dakota was not able to learn all she would have been able to if she had been in a more stable environment.

She was sent to a Catholic boarding school when she was a teenager in the hopes that she might gain some stability and discipline there; instead, the kid was often tormented by her schoolmates.

Dakota’s experience at school deteriorated to the point that she became unhappy, and she began getting into numerous scrapes, including having tattoos on her neck and bicep.

Dakota was forced to seek treatment and attend therapy as a result of the fact that she was exposed to adult concerns at a very early age and had to cope with them.

The first time Antonio Banderas saw Melanie Griffith was when she was walking the red carpet at the Academy Awards. He had been a fan of hers ever since he saw her in the movie “Gone Girl.”

After that, they casted together in the comedy film “Two Much,” which was released in 1995. Both of them were unhappy in their marriages at the time, and they recognized that sentiment in one another.

Banderas admired Griffith for her wit, sweetness, intelligence, and generosity, as well as her stunning appearance. Following the completion of the film, the co-stars remained in contact with one another and finally confessed their affections for one another.

The year 1996 saw the couple’s wedding, and shortly afterwards, their daughter Stella was born. Banderas not only became a biological parent for the first time, but he also took on the role of stepfather to Dakota Johnson and Alexander Bauer.

The actor added that it was tough for the children to accept him since they were uncertain as to how long he would be with their mother Griffith. The kids warmed up to him once they learned that he was going to be there for the foreseeable future.

In addition, he understood that the children need consistency in order to develop normally, and after a year, they began to think of Banderas as their father. In addition, his approach to parenting was very different from Griffith’s.

The children confided in him things that they would never discuss with their own mother. He was the more philosophical of the two, whilst Griffith was the more authoritative figure.

After being married for over 20 years without a breakup in sight, Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith finally called it quits in 2015.

Dakota, who is now an actress with a worldwide reputation showered praise on Antonio Banderas for the influence that he had on her when she was a youngster.

According to Dakota, Banderas was such a lively and humorous person, and his love for her, her mother, and her brothers was so passionate and loud that it altered the course of their lives permanently.

She attributed most of what she knew about genuine passion and discipline to the lessons dad had taught her.

Banderas previously said, in the context of discussing his relationship with Griffith, that Dakota was only five years old when they first met, and that they had grown closer to one another over the years.

He said that Dakota has a significant place in his heart and is one of the reasons why he believes his union to Melanie Griffith was successful.

In addition, the Spanish actor said that their relationship was still going strong despite the fact that he had divorced Griffith.

He also said that although though Griffith was no longer his wife, they are still the closest of friends. He has loved her for as long as he can remember, and that won’t change even after he’s gone.

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