After no one showed up to the girl’s birthday party, an employee from Domino’s Pizza came to the rescue…

Simple actions of love and compassion that are thoughtfully performed may go a long way toward improving the quality of life for other people and altering their whole perspective on life. This story is about one such occurrence that has left everyone who was a part of it feeling even more motivated and appreciative.

It also serves as a wonderful example of giving generously and going above and beyond our calling.

In the earlier part of this year, a mother called the Domino’s Pizza location in Coolum, Australia, to cancel a large order she had placed for her daughter’s birthday. Since many of the people she had invited were unable to attend the party, the mother stated that she would only require a single pizza.

Miles, a shift supervisor at Domino’s Australia, made the decision to brighten the day of a small girl by preparing a unique pizza for her.

He worked fast to assemble a chocolate dessert pizza with churros and brownies as toppings, and he wrote “HAPPY B’DAY” on the lid of the box that contained the pizza.

Domino’s Australia appreciated Miles’ good gesture with a caption in order to show their gratitude for his charitable act and for going above and beyond the requirements of his employment.

“Skylah celebrated her birthday with two of her closest and most important friends. The knock on our door from Miles was the most wonderful and unexpected thing that could have happened. The love that came from inside our community has been the thing that has left the deepest impression on our family. So much love.

We are filled with appreciation and gratitude for the opportunity to live such a wonderful life. “Wishing everyone lots of love and happiness,” Lauren said in her response.

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