After opening up his email, Naomi Judd’s husband saw a message from an unknown sender informing him about latest conversation she had prior her passing…

Larry Strickland, who was married to Naomi Judd at the time of her passing, recently discussed the days preceding up to her passing and how “fragile” his wife was. However, not too long after the country music star’s demise, her widower got an email from an unknown sender that provided some solace and consolation.

Naomi left Vienna, Austria and went all the way to Tennessee in order to attend the Hall of Fame induction ceremony only a few days before she passed away. And the trip itself was a source of concern for Naomi Judd’s husband, Larry Strickland, who has been with her since 1989.

He stated, “I was really terrified to life about her travelling alone all the way from Vienna back to Nashville because I knew how delicate she was.” But after some time had passed, Larry realized how smoothly the trip had gone.

After the passing of Naomi Judd, her husband was surprised to see an email from an unknown sender and it was revealed that the unknown passenger had been seated next to Naomi on the journey back to her hometown.

Naomi Judd was a famous, but the guy did not know her for who she was. The conversation lasted for an hour and a half, during which time the stranger characterized it as “entertaining, engaging, and informative.”

But in typical Naomi flair, the two spoke as if they were old friends.

The guy said in his email to Naomi Judd’s husband, “It’s a tiny consolation, I’m sure, but my life seems a lot richer after meeting your wife,” “It’s obvious that I didn’t know Naomi at all, but I can tell you that she talked very highly and affectionately about you and the life that the two of you had together.

You can be sure that she loved you and that she had no qualms about telling me, a stranger on the aircraft, that that was the case. Naomi Judd’s husband said that the email offered him “huge, tremendous happiness and comfort,” despite the fact that the sender of the letter was an absolute stranger.

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