After Oscar incident involving Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith says it’s her hope that “two smart, amazing men get”…

Autoimmune condition alopecia brings significant hair loss in Jada Pinkett Smith and as a consequence, had her hair cut short.

A joke about her shaved head was told by Chris Rock, who saw a chance to amuse the crowd.

On camera, Will Smith was seen laughing at the joke, though, seconds later, he appeared on stage and hit Chris across the face in front of the whole crowd.

It took Chris Rock a while to come to terms with the incident. “You can’t say my wife’s name,” Will screamed at the man and returned to his seat.

In spite of the event, Will Smith was awarded the Academy Award and , even though he expressed his regrets in front of other candidates as well as the Academy, Chris Rock was left out of his apology speech entirely.

When Jada learned about the difficulties that individuals with alopecia areata endure on a daily basis, she decided to take the opportunity to raise awareness about the condition.

She expressed optimism that the two men might put their differences aside and reunite.

It is Pinkett’s hope that “two smart, amazing men get the chance to heal, say things out, and reconcile”.

As far as the Smiths are concerned, Chris Rock isn’t interested in hearing what they have to say about what happened and as a close friend of Chris’s commented, “He’s not worried about the Smiths at the moment.”

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