After picking up a man who was 88 years old, an Uber driver decided to give up her job in order to care for the elderly passenger…

This is a story about one person who goes by the name Jenni Tekletsion, born in Ethiopia, then moved to the United States of America when she was twenty years old.

Jenni, who is currently 52 years old, has accomplished a lot in her life: she and her husband have raised two children, she has earned college degrees, and she has found success in her profession at Prime Technologies, moreover, Jenni works part-time for Uber when she’s not doing anything else.

She does so for a number of different reasons and  in addition to just assisting other people, she also contributes the money she makes to an orphanage in the nation where she was born.

Jenni received a phone call from Paul Webb, who was then 88 years old, all the way back in March of 2020, as given consequences of the stroke, Paul was unable to drive, thus he need a ride in order to have his phone repaired. That ride was supplied by Jenni, and very quickly after that, a bond was established between the two.

The other day, Jenni approached Paul with an offer to assist him with any and all of his errands “Call me whenever you find yourself in need of transportation from this point on. I will look out for your wellbeing.”

Soon after, the two began to see one another on a regular basis, either by paying him a visit at his house or going out to lunch together.

When Paul’s health began to deteriorate in April of 2021, Jenni and Paul had already developed a close friendship by that time.

That’s when Paul’s Uber driver, Jenni, made the decision to leave her job at Prime Technologies and become Paul’s full-time caregiver instead of continuing to work there.

She was able to assist Paul, despite the fact that she was unable to take care of her own aged father in Ethiopia.

Jenni’s salary was reduced by fifty percent as a consequence of this change; nevertheless, she discovered that the responsibilities of her new job were far more satisfying than the money she had been earning.

Paul’s children, feel an enormous debt of gratitude for Jenni, though, they had a strange feeling about the connection at first, but after some time together, they realized that Jenni is the “genuine thing.”

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