After seeing an elderly lady dining alone at a restaurant, three younger men extend an invitation to join them at one of the tables, then she reveales her story…

An act of generosity that was performed by three young guys to an elderly woman at a restaurant is getting a lot of attention on social media.

When Jamario Howard, along with his pals Jamychol and Tae, were visiting a BBQ restaurant in Oxford, Alabama, they saw an old lady sitting there by herself.

“My initial reaction was ‘dang, I’d hate to have to eat alone,'” he thought, so he approached her and politely inquired as to whether or not he might share her seat.

She nodded her head in agreement and then initiated a discussion with Howard, during which she disclosed that she had just been widowed and that the next day would have been the couple’s 60th wedding anniversary.

“I immediately offered my sympathies and invited her to lunch with us,” Howard recalled. “She graciously accepted our invitation. She was thrilled to take on the challenge.”

It all started when Howard uploaded a photo of the two of them on his Facebook page, and it quickly gained more than 44,000 shares.

The takeaway from this is that you should treat other people with consideration and courtesy at all times. You have no way of knowing what struggles they are facing.

“This lady altered my perspective on life as well as the way I look at other people,” he said in a post that was attached to the photo.

While eating fish and barbecue, the four of them had a conversation about “ordinary life, exchanging information about each other,” according to Howard, who revealed that the woman’s name is Eleanor.

Howard said that their efforts “were honestly coming from the kindness of our hearts.”

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