After seeing that her hard-working father was sleeping, the young girl covers him with her coat…

A video of a little child tucking her exhausted father into sleep with her own coat so that he may get some much-deserved rest is getting viral on the net.

After a hard day at work at his restaurant, the man shown dozing off in the video is a parent. You can see him in the kitchen.

After then, his small daughter enters the scene to see how her father is doing. When she comes into him sleeping, she instantly removes her coat in order to cover him up. What a selfless act of love!

When the father finally opened his eyes, he slowly became aware of what was on his back. When he took a closer look at his daughter’s coat, he was overcome with emotion by the kind gesture that she had made.

Even more so after the pandemic, he had been having trouble successfully operating his restaurant. And the unselfish gesture of love that was performed by his daughter left him feeling completely overcome with emotion.

Quite a few of the individuals who saw the video on Facebook and posted comments on how heartwarming it was to witness.

“His tearful grin sums up all perfectly. While you are having a hard time, it is important to remember that you have also done an excellent job raising her.”  Unconditional love characterizes the bond that exists between a parent and a kid.

And there is no finer feeling in the world than when parents experience how strongly that love is returned by their children.

May God bless this hardworking guy and his kind and unselfish daughter!

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