After the devastating fire that wiped out his hometown, a California couple “adopted” a 93-year-old war veteran…

The recent terrible Camp Fire in Paradise, California, which claimed the lives of 58 people and destroyed 500 houses, has thrown the town’s 27,000 citizens into disarray. There are a lot of retired people living there, like Lee Brundige, who served in World War II and is now 93 years old.

When the fire started, Brundige was the only one living in his house by himself.

By driving to the parking lot in the next town, he was able to get out of the path of the impending fire and save his life. Other people who lived in Paradise used the parking lot as a place to have some peace and quiet.

It was there that he became acquainted with Tracy Grant and Josh Fox, a kind couple who were assisting with the effort by providing burgers to the locals. Grant was moved by the predicament of the elderly guy and inquired as to whether or not the man had a place for him to stay.

The free-thinking Brundige disclosed to them at that time that while he was officially homeless, he was able to sleep in his vehicle. Grant extended an invitation for him to spend some time at their house. The elderly guy was self-sufficient and did not want to be a burden on the young couple, so he declined the offer.

Concerned about the circumstances in which he found himself, Grant not only provided him with cushions and blankets but also stayed with him in the vehicle till midnight. It came to her attention that Burndige was occupying his house in Paradise on his own.

The only way Brundige found out that the fire was getting closer was when his gardener woke him up by knocking on the window of his apartment. This time, Grant demanded that he come with her, and it took the pair a whole day of persuasion to get him to agree.

The next morning, the smoke was getting closer to the parking lot. The evacuees were given orders by the sheriff to vacate the area.

Because of this, Brundige had no option but to go with Grant, whom he referred to as the “burger girl,” now, Brundige enjoys a comfortable lifestyle with the couple and both of their pets. Grant made certain that he had all that he need, and he expressed his appreciation for the couple’s kind hearts.

She assuaged the concerns of the combat veteran by assuring him that he could remain for as long as he need.

Grant is certain that the homes and the surrounding region that were destroyed by the Camp Fire will not be habitable for some time. Even if the fire is put out, his home will be without electricity and running water.

Grant has been in touch with Brundige’s son to let him know that his father is in a secure location.  The fact that such a happy event may still occur is evidence that there still goodwill in the world.

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