After the hospital refused to deliver the baby, the devastated mother gave birth to the child at the gas station…

The Banks couple never in their wildest dreams would have decided to deliver their child in the middle of a petrol station, between pumps four and five. But once the hospital turned down the pregnant woman’s admission request, that is precisely what took place.

Lauren Banks knew it was time to deliver her baby when she started having contractions at 39 weeks pregnant, so, she and her husband Steve did precisely what one would anticipate someone in their position to do given the circumstances – hospital.

However, Steve and Lauren did not get the reaction that they had anticipated receiving. They claim that the hospital refused to treat them.

Steve said that “she was obviously in labor and in evident discomfort, yet she was refused entry to labor and delivery on a number of different occasions.”

The couple claims that a doctor examined Lauren but decided against admitting her to the hospital because her cervical dilation was just four millimeters. They claim the doctor told them they wouldn’t even consider letting her in until she reached five centimeters in height.

The intensity of Lauren’s contractions continued to rise during the course of the examination.

Lauren stated, “At this moment, I am sobbing uncontrollably while getting down on all fours on the bed.”

Despite this, the couple reports that the hospital insisted that they leave. Lauren was able to recollect the doctor’s words to her, which were as follows: “He stated he was sorry I was in agony, but I was providing him no medical reason to retain me.”

After being stunned for quite some time, the couple decided to go back home. However, just thirty minutes after they had returned home, Lauren’s water broke.

On the other hand, as we were still on our way, it became quite evident that there wouldn’t be enough time. And as a direct consequence of this, Baby Banks was delivered in the convenience store! “I was there there in the parking lot when my wife gave birth to my baby,” Steve adds.

While pulling into the parking area of the gas station, Steve Banks dialed the emergency number 911. While driving between pumps four and five, Lauren went into labor and delivered birth there. And it was a terrible torture all the way through.

At the same moment the baby was being delivered at the petrol station, an emergency medical services team arrived on the scene.

“They came up, saw what was happening, and leapt into action,” Steve recalled. “I have no doubt that they played a significant role in ensuring that everything ran as well as it did and that there were no difficulties. I am unable to express my gratitude enough.”

Truett, the newest member of the Banks family, has brought Lauren and Steve a great deal of delight. And they are really thankful that he is in good health and unharmed.

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