After the man made the most epic proposal, internet trolls said that the woman was “out of his league,” but the man’s fiancée went on to…

When Chris Girard pulled off the most dramatic proposal ever, internet commenters weighed in about his fiancée, saying things like “she is out of his league.” However, Chris’ future wife was quick to step in and protect the man who would become the love of her life.

You may be wondering why other individuals would say that. However, it just so happens that the woman he is engaged to is a stunning blonde stunner who also cheers in the NBA. However, there is more to Jackie Murtha than first seems to be the case.

She is a lovely person who is also nice and sympathetic. And she is solely interested in Chris, a man who is considered to be “out of his league” by the rest of the world since he does not seem to match the stereotype of the sort of man who would date a woman like her.

As soon as the proposal was shared widely on the internet, trolls began posting hateful comments such as the following: “How did he get her? Is Make-A-Wish granting wishes for adults at this point?”

Chris is not going to let the criticisms detract from the spectacular nature of his marriage proposal. Instead, he is sharing a tiny bit of their story with the rest of the world. When the two young people first met in college, it was love at first sight, and ever since then, they have been inseparable.

The instant Chris lay eyes on her, he had a feeling that she was unique and extraordinary.

Even in jest, he compared himself to the comedian Pete Davidson, who is known for dating women who are much beyond his social standing. Jackie, on the other hand, is certain that this is not the case.

Because, in her opinion, Chris is the love of her life, she was never able to comprehend why Chris would joke about in such a manner.

Jackie expressed her confusion by stating, “I really truly don’t see it because he is just so attractive, and he is just the ideal man.”

Putting all jokes aside, we hope that this lovely couple has a wonderful and memorable wedding.

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