After the passing of both of their parents, a man was left to care for his younger brother, who was 12 years old at the time, alone in their ruined home…

Since the passing of their parents and grandparents, Jaylan Gray, age 22, has taken on the responsibility of providing for and guiding his younger brother Julian, age 12.

However, things became much more challenging for them after Hurricane Harvey and a series of winter storms caused damage to their house, and they were unable to pay to have it repaired.

“At one point, I had completed all of my work on the home. At one point, I was prepared to put it up for sale. It was a burden that was too heavy for me to bear. “I was not able to pull it off,” Jaylan said, however, there was nowhere else for them to go.

This is when Katy Responds, a nonprofit that assists Texan families whose houses have been devastated by natural disasters, came to the rescue.

The brothers were able to move back into their damaged house thanks to the efforts of the non-profit organization and a large number of volunteers.

According to Ron Peters, the executive director of Katy Responds, the home had sustained so severe damage that it was no longer inhabitable. “I want you to have somewhere to live that is secure.

I hope that over the next several years, you will not need to be concerned about the state of your house. This is what our work entails. It’s not an easy task. It’s labor that doesn’t pay us, but the reason we do it is for those boys,” Peters said.

When the brothers first observe the changes that have been made, the young Julian was seen suppressing tears.

“I adore it. I’m at a loss for words; this is well above what we expected. I cannot thank you enough.” The promise that Jaylan made to his mother before she went away was to look after Julian, and this present will assist him in keeping that commitment.

While he was crying, Jaylan remarked, “[I] do my best to keep him in control, make sure he doesn’t get into trouble, and make sure he’s loved.” The gesture of kindness demonstrated to the lads that they aren’t on their own.

“It fills me with such joy to know that there are nice individuals in the world,” Julian Gray said.

The members of a community, upon learning of the difficult circumstances in which two young boys were growing up, did not hesitate to take action, and as a result, Jaylan and Julian Gray were able to enjoy their childhood without having to be concerned about significant issues.

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