After the passing of his wife, Patrick Duffy’s relations with his sons have changed a lot…

Although Patrick Duffy is well-known for his performances in a number of classic roles on television, the part that he performs as a family man is even more impressive. Throughout his life, Patrick has had a lot of things to be grateful for.

He has been in a number of popular television series, which has contributed to the development of a sizable fan base. He has also kept himself quite busy by acting in a large number of television movies during the course of his career.

In more recent years, Patrick has maintained his acting career, most notably in the films “The Green Knight” and “Lady of the Manor,” as well as in an episode of the television show “NCIS.”

Despite this, Patrick was subjected to calamities during the course of his life, and, in November of 1986, both of his parents passed in the course of a robbery.

When Patrick Rosser’s wife Carlyn Rosser passed away from cancer on January 23, 2017, he was once again forced to deal with a terrible sorrow. She was a trained dancer who had performed with the First Chamber Dance Company of New York at one point in her career. They had been married for 43 years and had two children during that time.

Patrick let himself some time to mourn the loss of Rosser. He discussed how much he missed certain facets of his life with his late wife and how much he longed for those times, “I still consider myself to be married to my wife.”

Thankfully, Patrick was able to rely on the support of a large group of friends and family members, including his own children, to get through this difficult period.

Years after Rosser’s passing, Patrick discovered a fresh cause for happiness and demonstrated that he had not closed up his heart to the possibility of future love. Magazine claimed in the year 2020 that Patrick had begun dating “Happy Days” actress Linda Purl.

However, even though he discovered a new love following the loss of his wife, Patrick’s first priority was always his children. Padraic Duffy and Conor Duffy are his sons. Conor Duffy entered their life in 1980, six years after Padraic Duffy was born.

In contrast to his father, Padraic made the decision to embark on a career in the performing arts, and he now holds the position of managing director for a theatrical group in Los Angeles.

On the other side, Conor chose to follow in his father’s footsteps and made his debut on television in the same program that his father had appeared in, which was called “Dallas.” In addition to that, he has had guest appearances on a variety of television episodes.

After the passing of their mother, Patrick grew an even stronger connection with his children and connected with them on a regular basis.

In the April 2019 issue of Closer Weekly, a source informed the publication, “His sons and their families are around all the time. Because he detests spending time alone himself, his family is very close. He loves having them in his company.”

“I look forward to coming home because that’s where my family is, and there, both of my sons have married great and smart people. There are four grandkids in my family. I don’t like being away far from my family.”

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