After the passing of the father of her son’s close friend, Sharon Stone decided to adopt her 4th child…

It has been reported that Sharon Stone has taken in her son’s closest friend in the wake of a tragic event in their family. The actress well known for her role in Basic Instinct is said to have added another kid to her family after already adopting three children.

Reports indicate that the 64-year-old woman invited her son Roan’s closest friend into the family after the passing of her son’s father, which left him without a parent.

According to a source close to the situation, “This took place around a year ago, and she has kept it very quiet.”

The child is inseparable with her son Roan, and at this point, the whole family lives together as a unit in her large home. It is wonderful for Roan since they are the closest of friends, and she loves having a large family around her.

“[Sharon] says that he is her “adopted son” – that’s how she describes him, and that’s her commitment, although I am not sure whether steps have been taken to formalize it legally yet,” they added. ”

The Hollywood queen has been open and honest about her challenges to have children, and she and her husband at the time, Phil Bronstein, adopted Roan in the year 2000.

She eventually followed in his footsteps and adopted Laird Vonne in 2005, and then the following year she and her husband welcomed their third son, Quinn Kelly, into their family.

Sharon has maintained a level of discretion about her personal life in recent years; nonetheless, it is believed that she disclosed information to the public regarding the newest member of the Stone family when attending a recent film festival.

“My oldest boy’s very best friend, from when he was little, had a single parent – who had Parkinson’s – and who he took care of for 12 years, until his father passed . So, he found himself unexpectedly alone, and I decided to take him in. I now have a total of four sons.”

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