After the kid with autism failed his exams, the teacher wrote him a note and sent it home with him, stating that he…

Providing care for a child who has learning difficulties is one of the most challenging responsibilities they have as it is very hard for the child’s parents, as well as the child themselves, since the child will have difficulty coping with high levels of pressure in social contexts and will also advance slowly academically.

After failing his school test, Ben, who was 11 years old at the time, returned home to his mother Gail Twist carrying a letter from his instructor. Gail was taken aback by the news. She anticipated that the letter would suggest that Ben needed to put in more effort in order to improve his grades. It did not.

Ben’s self-assurance was instead bolstered by the instructors at the Lansbury Bridge School and Sports College in St. Helen’s, Merseyside. In spite of the fact that he had a poor performance on the SATs, his instructor understood that what he needed was not criticism but rather support and encouragement.

His teacher, Mrs. Clarkson, had written him a very sincere and heartfelt letter that she had given to him to take home. In the letter, she praised him for being an exceptional student.

This is what the letter says: “Dear Ben, I am sending this letter to offer my congratulations on the positive attitude you shown during the completion of your end-of-key-stage SATs.

These exams are just measuring a small portion of who you are and what you are capable of, and that is a really crucial point of information that I want you to grasp. They are significant, and you have performed so well, but Ben Twist is comprised of a wide variety of other abilities and qualities, which we at Lansbury Bridge perceive and assess in different ways.”

As Gail read the letter, she realized that she was unable to hold back her tears. In her letter, Mrs. Clarkson had outlined all of the areas in which Ben excelled, even those that a standard academic evaluation cannot evaluate.

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