Ageless  Donna Mills, 82, returned to the big screen after quitting her job to raise her adopted daughter alone

In February 2023, Donna Mills was 82 and returned to the screen after an 18-year absence with a camera in the film “Nope.” She would also star in the first series of television movies based on the Cutler Family books.

The actress lived in Brentwood, Los Angeles, where she kept up her beautiful looks. Donna still had her signature blond hair, which was luscious and full, and while she didn’t do much cosmetic augmentation, she did utilize fillers.

The actress explained that she wore them because she didn’t want to “look like a duck.” Her grown-up daughter, Chloe Mills, then 28 years old, was living with the iconic actress while working as a model, and Donna released the most recent photo of herself in February 2023.

The actress published a photo of herself with her child and another of herself alone on Instagram. The actress stated in the caption that she and her daughter, whom she refers to as “bunny,” were featured in the Daily Mail, adding:

“She’s the finest choice I’ve ever made…” I’m overjoyed to be back in front of the camera now that she’s all grown up.


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Fans were overjoyed to see the actress’s most recent photo with her baby. One fan was astonished to see Donna’s picture and wondered if the photos were shot 20 years ago because the celebrity hadn’t “changed a bit!

Someone felt the mother-daughter duo were “very gorgeous.” Another fan said Donna and Chloe were “fortunate to have each other” since there was “no greater love than that,” while another said the actress had raised a “lovely and brilliant woman.”

Donna had a long-term relationship with Richard Holland, according to her IMDb profile. According to an October 1986 magazine story, the actress was “happily single” and dating Holland at the age of 41.

The actress and the writer-producer have been dating for several years. Donna, then 37, said in 1983 that she had always been in a relationship, but for the last five years, she had only dated one person—Holland, then 31.

Hollan worked as an advertising executive, scriptwriter, and rock musician. Despite the fact that the couple had been together for a long time, they lived in separate two-bedroom homes, the actress’s in Beverly Hills.

Her house even had a terraced outdoor swimming pool, but Holland’s house was close to Studio City and included a hot tub. The “Knots Landing” actor previously admitted that she and her partner were “practically living together” at one time.

While Holland was shooting programs and getting 5 a.m. wake-up calls, it didn’t feel that far away. The pair subsequently chose to spend just weekends together, but the screenwriter claimed they didn’t live together because they weren’t married.

Donna wasn’t in a hurry to marry, and she and her partner had their own separate homes to retreat to whenever they needed to. The actress added that she did not consider marriage to provide “greater security” than being alone.

Even though they are not married, the actress said that Holland gave her the change she was looking for. The couple’s relationship ended, and they never had children together, leaving Donna to raise her daughter alone.

Donna was preoccupied with her work before she adopted Chloe. In 2022, the actress admitted that she recognized something was lacking—a kid—at a particular moment and chose to pursue it, adopting her daughter when she was four years old.


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Donna was 54 years old when she gave birth to Chloe, and she recalls that people told her she was too old to have a child, but she never felt that way. The actress claimed she never felt older than other mothers in their twenties and took an 18-year professional pause to be at home with her daughter.

Except for the first few years, Chloe’s mother did not work during those years. Donna did various television movies and other things that allowed her to accompany her daughter everywhere she went, but after Chloe began school, her mother couldn’t leave town for more than two months at a time, admitting:

“I didn’t become a mother to hand up my child to a babysitter.”

People said that Chloe’s mother was ambitious and “focused” on her job as an actor or as the owner of a film production company. When Donna decided to become a single mom, she was already well-known on television.

Even if it wasn’t the most essential thing in her life, the actress desired children. She left “Knots Landing” in 1989, but she had little else but her company to fall back on. She desired more and found she felt envious when she watched toddlers racing to their moms.


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The actress became dissatisfied and realized she yearned to be a mother and had something to offer a kid. It took nine months for a Los Angeles adoption agency to locate a baby for Donna, who “fell in love” with Chloe the moment she laid eyes on her.

The actress’s only kid [Chloe Mills] requested that it be just the two of them, and Donna [Mills] agreed.

The actress believed her new child was hers and that the ideal child for her had arrived. She did several films in the first year or two since she could take her daughter along, but she stopped when the child began school.

If Donna had lived in the UK, she might have found it hard to adopt as a single woman in her mid-50s. Yet, in the United States, private agencies handled the majority of adoptions, and the procedure was different, but the actress said it never occurred to her, despite the fact that it should have.

In California, there were no rules about being married or being over a certain age to adopt, but the adopter had to see a psychiatrist before the adoption.No one in the adoption procedure acknowledged Donna’s age to her, but some outsiders were not happy, as she recalls:

“Sometimes people would remark, “You’re going to have a toddler running around when you’re 60—that’s going to be horrible!”

Chloe’s mother never felt older than the 30 years younger moms in her playgroup, and she remained friends with some of them even now. Folks she knew never mentioned that she had adopted an interracial kid.

Yet, Donna joined an organization that specialized in interracial adoptions since she suspected there may be concerns she would need to address. The group offered workshops and a summer camp where the actress learned things she didn’t know, such as how to buy specific hair care products for her kid.

The actress asked her three-year-old daughter if she wanted a sister or brother, and the youngster agreed. Donna then reminded the girl that she would have to hold the baby from time to time, and Chloe comically changed her mind about having a sister, and the debate was over!

Donna was fine with the actress’s only child wanting to spend time with them alone. It was unusual for a single mother to become a father, but the actress was able to give motherhood her full attention because she had saved money during her career.

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