Al Roker discusses his son’s struggles with developmental delays and urges acceptance of the condition…

Al Roker has been a public person for a significant amount of time, and as a result, he has become more than just a recognizable face.

Recently, he shared his feelings of love and pride for his son Nick, who is now a teenager, as well as his hardships related to growing up with developmental disabilities.

He did this to assist bring greater acceptance to the experience of living with individuals who have special needs.

The seasoned journalist and the senior reporter for ABC News, Deborah Roberts, are the parents of the journalist’s children, Nick, 17, and Leila, 20.

In addition, he is the adoptive father of Courtney, who was born during his first marriage.

Roker is filled to the brim with love and admiration for Nick, who, in spite of the difficulties he faced as a child because of his developmental delays, has matured into a young man who holds a black belt in taekwondo and is an active member of the church that the family attends.

Roker noted that his family had an immediate realization that their boy was exceptional, “he wasn’t maturing as quickly as he ought to have, therefore he wasn’t grasping our fingers as firmly, he wasn’t constantly looking at us, and he wasn’t crawling as quickly as he ought to have.”

Nick was able to learn the skills he required to live with developmental delays with the support of his family as well as the assistance of speech therapists, developmental therapists, and occupational therapists.

Roker said that in order to advance to higher levels in taekwondo, one has to become proficient in methodical sequences of motions. It became clear that Nick benefited much from participating in all of those monotonous workouts.

Roker said, “Do I ever find myself becoming upset with my son? You bet, but then I thought of how understanding my father was in such situations.

And Deborah is the one who brings to my attention the fact that I need to demonstrate to my kid not only that I love him but also that I like him. Even more than that, he has my admiration.”

Roker gives a big amount of the credit for their son’s ability to cope with life with developmental delays to his wife’s affection and positive attitude.

“To tell you the truth, I have a tendency to dwell on the negative aspects of it at times, which is why I give Deborah a lot of the credit for this.”

Roker and Roberts decided to talk about their experiences as parents of a child with a developmental delay in the aim of fostering more understanding and acceptance of others in similar situations.

Roker is filled with nothing but pride for Nick as he develops into a guy who is driven, dedicated, and has a passion for life.

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