Al Roker Shares a Health Update and Discloses His ‘Frightening’ Health Concern in an Open Interview, saying “my blood was missing…”

Having to spend a significant amount of time at a medical facility is almost never, if ever, a positive thing

Al Roker, the weatherman for NBC’s The Today Show, was noticeably missing for about two months while coping with a significant medical condition. After having stomach aches for a while, Al made an appointment with his doctor in the beginning of November.

Al revealed that he was going through two different things at the same time on his return to the Today show, which was his first appearance on the show since he had surgery.

Al began his explanation by saying, “Well, you know, well, I had two complicated situations.” They believe that the blood clots that I had developed following my pandemic treatment in September.

And then, as you may know, I started experiencing some internal bleeding. I’m missing around half of my blood, they were looking for it and attempting to determine where it was.

In a later conversation, Al elaborated on the specific factors that led to the internal bleeding.

Al said that in the end, after the procedure, the diagnosis was two bleeding ulcers. “And ultimately, they went in, conducted this surgery,” Al stated. “Had to have my duodenum redone, along with a resection of the colon and removal of my gallbladder.”

On the broadcast, Al’s physicians insisted that his life was on the verge of being in danger.

The well-known meteorologist was effusive in his admiration for his medical staff, but he made it clear that his wife and children were his support during this period of extreme unpredictability and anxiety.

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