Amazing! The original Christmas song “The Manger” is performed by Anne Wilson and Josh Turner this year…

The song “The Manger,” sung by Anne Wilson and Josh Turner, is an expression of worship to God and gives Him all the glory for giving us His one and only son.

The Christmas hymn is full of sentimentality because it relates the story of how God took on human form and chose to be born in a humble manger, on a bed made of nails and wood, even though He could could have chosen a palace instead.

He started out in the most exalted location in heaven and ended up in the most lowly one on earth, a stable.

His birth served as a demonstration of both His humility and his determination to travel the distance in order to hunt out sinners and the oppressed in the lowest of places in order to save them from their sins.

On the cross of Calvary, Our Redeemer humbled himself and bore the punishment for all of our crimes upon himself.

The author is overcome with emotion as he contemplates the ways in which Lord might have spared the agony and suffering that he endured on the cross. Despite this, He made the decision to give His life in order to save us from the everlasting consequences of our sin.

God penned a breathtaking “love tale,” and he brought it to a satisfying conclusion by bringing His one and only Son down to earth.

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