Amber Heard’s lawyers have filed an appeal against the result of her libel case with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard’s legal team has filed an appeal against the decision in her defamation lawsuit involving ex-husband Johnny Depp.

According to the Daily Mail UK, Heard’s attorneys filed the appeal on the grounds that the jury’s judgment that she had defamed Depp was not supported by evidence.

It was also claimed that a juror was not properly screened, raising the question of whether or not that person was even supposed to serve on the jury.

According to reports, Heard’s attorneys claimed that the decision and the $10 million damages given to Depp should be overturned since Depp “proceeded purely on a defamation by implication premise, discarding all claims that Ms. Heard’s words were genuinely incorrect” during the trial.

In a statement to Courthouse News, Depp’s primary attorney, Ben Chew, said of the appeal, “What we expected was only longer, no more substantial.”

In the judgment from their well-publicized trial in June, Heard and Depp were deemed to have defamed each other, although the damages granted were more in Depp’s favor.

Heard was granted $10.35 million in damages, while Depp was awarded $2 million in damages.

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