An 8-year-old goalie has gone viral after a video of him dancing in a hockey rink

A video of an 8-year-old goaltender dancing at a hockey rink went viral when it was shared on social media. Noah is from Brampton, Ontario, and despite the fact that his club hasn’t won a game all season, he nonetheless danced to Juju on That Beat while dressed as a goalie.

Noah, according to his mother, Paige Roswell, loves to dance all the time, whether it’s on the bench, between whistles, or when he’s on the ice cheering on the second goaltender. She claims that the audience enjoys it and frequently joins in.

Since its publication, the video has been seen by millions of people, and when asked what her kid thought of all the attention, Paige responded, “He thinks it’s really amazing.” “I’m just kind of stunned.”

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