An egoist husband requested that his wife bury all of his money with him when he passed away. After some time had passed, she buried the money, which left everyone in disbelief, but the truth was…

The woman’s husband did not share her understanding that self-centeredness and avarice can never result in anything positive. After her husband made a self-centered request while he was on his demise, the wife made the decision that it was time to teach her husband a lesson.

There was once a guy who had devoted every waking moment of his life to the job that he did.

The man’s whole life had been spent diligently putting money away in savings because he abhorred the idea of squandering it on anything.

He thought that he owed it to his wife, who was the antithesis of his cheapskate and selfish attitude, and that he deserved to retain all of the money since he had worked so hard to save it.

He valued wealth more highly than his wife, despite the fact that she had patiently remained by his side throughout his whole life. Because he was so loyal to his wealth, he even brought it with him when he went to the grave.

Just moments before he passed away, the guy asked his wife to fulfill his last wish for him. “Now listen, I want you to take all of my money and put it in the coffin with me when I go.”

The proposition that her husband made to be selfish infuriated the wife, but in the end, he was able to get her to accept that she should bury the money with him after he passed away.

After her husband passed away, the widow was torn between honoring the self-centered request that he had made and retaining the money for herself.

She was a lady of her word, and despite the blatant egotism shown by her husband, she had no intention of breaking the vow she had made. Her mind had been wandering when all of a sudden she had a terrific idea.

The woman went to the coffin in which her husband was being laid t and put a shoebox next to his body. After that, she looked at the undertakers and nodded, signaling that it was okay for them to seal the coffin and bury her husband.

Her closest friend, who was aware of the ridiculous request, was taken aback by the wife’s reaction and enquired about the shoebox , “I hope you weren’t stupid enough to put all that money in there with that greedy old guy.”

The woman responded to her close friend by saying, “Yes, I promised.”

The buddy said, “Do you mean to imply you placed every bit of his money in the coffin with him?” after hearing the statement.

The lady said, “Yes, I very definitely did. After gathering everything, I put it all in my account and then wrote him a check”.

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