An elderly woman’s life was saved when a postal worker noticed mail piling up at her house…

An employee of the New Hampshire Postal Service is being hailed as a hero in the community for her role in preventing the demise of an elderly lady. On January 27, while working her shift in New Market, Kayla Berridge walked the normal 9-mile route she takes there.

During that time, she noted that a particular homeowner had not picked up her mail for four days. In addition, the automobile belonging to the lady was still parked in the driveway.

The USPS employee said that she would sometimes strike up a conversation with the elderly customer and that she became worried when the customer’s post was not delivered. Not only that, but she hadn’t seen her in quite some time.

After the postal worker had the feeling that she needed to seek a wellness check on the house, she informed the postmaster, who then requested that the Newmarket police do a welfare check on the residence.

When the Newmarket Police Department discovered the lady stranded on the floor of her bedroom, it became clear that the decision had been the correct one. According to the law enforcement officials, she had been there for at least three days.

The cops who responded to the call think that woman had attempted to grasp her bed for support but that the things fell on top of her instead. After being brought to Exeter Hospital, she was found to be suffering from cold and dehydration.

Thank goodness, her loved ones reported to the authorities that she was safe and doing well in her recovery.

During her four years working as a postal carrier, Kayla has never been required to request a wellness check. She said that the signals that she looks for include an accumulation of mail, a lack of outgoing mail, or a vehicle that is consistently parked in the driveway.

“Newmarket is a wonderful community despite its size. The postal worker added that everyone looks out for one other and has each other’s backs.

Kayla, on the other hand, isn’t particularly fond of the “hero” title; all she cares about is that things turned out the way they did.

“Yeah, it’s really insane. It’s crazy how much attention to detail can help you save someone’s life,” she added.

“I enjoy my clients and getting to know them, and I feel like if people cared more and simply paid attention… something we should all do.”

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