An Exceptionally Brave Boy of Four Years Old Dials 911 to Save His Mother’s Life After She Collapses Due To…

During a seizure that his mother was having, a little kid of just four years old was the one to dial 911 and save his mother’s life.

The little kid from Tasmania is being lauded for the prompt steps he took and the calm manner he maintained when emergency medical personnel arrived at the residence.

When a member of the family or close circle of friends has a seizure, it may be a very distressing time for those around them, particularly for younger children.

But Monty kept his composure as he relayed the information to the person who took the phone at Ambulance Tasmania. He said that his mother had collapsed to the ground as a result of having an epileptic seizure, and that the dog in their household was barking but was friendly.

Wendy was astounded by the fact that Monty understood precisely what to do and that he adhered to all of the directions in such an excellent manner while the two paramedics were attending to his mother.

Wendy, the boy’s mother, said, “I’m very proud of him; he’s my little hero, and he most definitely has saved the day.”

As a precaution against situations like these arising in the future, Wendy had Monty learn how to unlock her phone and dial 000 in the event of an emergency.

She said, “I believe it’s incredibly essential that we do that, and simply tell them that you should do it if you’re afraid.” As recognition for his valor, Monty was awarded the certificate he so well earned.

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