An heart warming performance by the Ndlovu Youth Choir earned them a standing ovation on America’s Got Talent: All-Stars…

The Ndlovu Youth Choir from South Africa, who were among the top 10 finalists on America’s Got Talent season 14, made their triumphant return to the stage at America’s Got Talent: All Stars and wowed the audience with a stunning rendition of their own original song.

The South African youth choir is a part of the Ndlovu Care Group’s globally acclaimed childcare program, which aims to level the playing field for children from underprivileged backgrounds by providing them with the same level of musical tuition, care, and opportunities as their more affluent peers. The Ndlovu Care Group has received acclaim from organizations all over the world for its work in this area.

One of the members of the choir, when asked about their performance on the main stage once again, responded by saying, “I think the message we always strive to transcend is that you can conquer your problems.”

Your challenges are not what defines you; they never should. We are overjoyed to be performing on America’s Got Talent: All-Stars, and our goal is to demonstrate to everyone that with hard work and dedication, everything is possible.

The choir gave a performance that was energetic, joyful, and colorful, of their original song named “We shall rise,” which spoke about the spirit of human resilience.

The hypnotizing dance added to the already stunning beauty of their performance, turning it into something that will live long in the memory.

Howie, one of the judges, said that the choir was his favorite act out of all of the others that had been on America’s Got Talent.

Following their performance, the judges gave the choir a standing ovation and heaped praise on them for the evocative manner of performance they had paired with their exceptional level of musicianship.

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