An injured stray dog wanders into a vet clinic to ask people for help

When a stray dog was hurt, he did more than just instinctively know where to go for aid; he took himself to the clinic. Dayse Ferreira owns a veterinarian practice in Brazil, and she and her coworkers were standing near the front door when the dog came in.

Ferreira said to the Dodo that she had just finished working with a customer when she observed the puppy. She promptly examined him and then led him into the back, where she treated his paw (which was not terribly wounded), fleas, and a little tumor that was luckily not significant.

Ferreira went above and beyond by bathing and medicating the homeless dog and sharing his experience. Many people are interested in adopting the dog because of his ingenuity and pleasant demeanor!

“The most impressive thing is that he came on his own,” Ferreira said. “His mind is excellent,” Ferreira added. “I’m confident he’ll find a family that will embrace and accept him with all the affection he deserves.”

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