An Officer Takes Notice of a Lonely Man Who Is Looking for Someone to Talk to and Offers to Cook Him Dinner, As The Man Just Had…

On social media, a touching picture of a police officer making a meal for a guy who was lonely and just wanted to speak to someone has gone viral.

The calls that come into our police department are diverse, and this one was not exceptional in any way.

The officer from the Middleton Police Department was responding to a call from a local guy who claimed he was having a terrible week and wanted a buddy to speak to.

Late in the month of June, Officer Andrew Brooks spent time with a person at his home who was extremely hungry, unsure of what to make for supper, and want someone to lean on.

The guy must have been really hungry since he kept asking the officer that he wanted to eat something, and so officer Brooks took materials from the man’s garden and goods from the home to prepare a dinner for the man. The man seemed to enjoy the meal.

A few images were taken at the scene and afterwards posted on Facebook by the department. In these pictures, an officer is seen wearing his uniform as he is making eggs in the man’s kitchen and bringing them to him.

According to what was said by the department, “Sometimes all it takes to alter someone’s view on things and improve their spirits is a hot meal and someone to chat to.”

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