An older woman waited for a table for one in a crowded restaurant, but then a younger guy stood up and approached her asking…

There are moments when the slightest act of kindness may completely alter the outcome of someone’s day, leaving them with a grin that can endure for days, even weeks.

This was the precise experience that Heather Leigh had when she saw a complete stranger go out of his way to do a really thoughtful deed for a senior citizen in the community in which she grew up.

It just so happened that Heather Leigh was enjoying a meal with some friends at the Mt. Clemens Grill, one of her go-to establishments in the area.

While Heather and her friends were having a pleasant lunch and engaging in discussion, they started to become aware of how packed the relatively modest restaurant had become.

In addition to the individuals who were waiting, there were also big groups of people who were grouped together and waiting at the entrance in the event that they may be seated. Heather saw the hopeful diners moving in their seats with diminishing patience as they waited for a table to become available.

This is something that people often do when they are waiting for a table.

When Heather glanced at the expectant customers in the restaurant, she saw an older lady who was standing by herself and waiting for a table for one to become available.

After seeing the other lady, Heather couldn’t help but notice that she wasn’t the only one who had taken note of her.

After overhearing an elderly lady say that she was seeking for a table where she could be alone, a young guy in the vicinity got up from his seat and proceeded to go over to the woman and asked to join her.

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