An unfortunate car accident left a man paralyzed; the motorist who injured him went on to form an odd relationship with him, moreover, on the court hearing…

On April 27, David Francisco was riding his bicycle to class at the Blackbird Academy, a music school in Nashville, Tennessee, when all of a sudden, a vehicle plowed into him. David was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Because of the collision, Francisco had a serious damage to his spine. The physician broke the news to him that it was very unlikely that he would ever be able to walk normally again.For the next ten days, Francisco was unable to do much except lie in bed and wonder whether he would ever be able to walk and get well.

He said, “I sobbed every single day.” The injuries he sustained had rendered him unable to move below the waist, “who would want to marry someone, who would want to be with someone like me who is reliant on other people? Who would want to do that?”

The fact that Francisco had been hurt made him feel terrible, but he was also concerned about the lady who had caused them. Freya Markowski ran a red light just before the collision, which resulted in her vehicle colliding with Francisco’s.

Markowski stated that after the collision, she screamed, jumped out of her vehicle, and rushed to help Francisco, and when other drivers noticed the collision, they immediately came to Francisco’s aid to assist him.

“Please forgive me!” Markowski was heard shouting many times. As she sobbed on the ground waiting for the cops to arrive, it was clear that the event had left her completely shaken. Markowski, who had been off her bipolar medications for the first time in years at the time of the accident on April 27, 2017, while driving in Berry Hill, suddenly heard millions of voices in her brain.

The accident occurred moments after. When she collided with Francisco, she was traveling at a speed of 64 kilometers per hour. A few months later, Markowski required emergency medical assistance due to an excess of drugs.

Markowski sent Francisco a lengthy message apologizing after she recovered from the excess. Her sole glimmer of hope was that Francisco would see beyond the disaster and forgive her. It came as a surprise to everyone when Francisco said that he had forgiven long before that.

He remarked, “Right from the bat, I decided to forgive her.  It seems as if it was a random occurrence.”

The two people became friends when Francisco responded to her SMS apologizing for his earlier behavior and once a month, they would text or engage in video conferencing to stay in contact with one another.

What was more significant was that both of them were developing pretty well following the accident, with Francisco engaging in physical therapy and Markowski addressing her condition. “The issue that was bothering me was that maybe I am simply too realistic or pragmatic.

When I considered that it had been an accident, it was clear that my anger would serve no purpose, never once did I feel furious at her. I was annoyed with both of my legs.”

Markowski appeared in court in October 2016, six months after the collision, when she was charged with failing to yield and inflicting a severe harm. However, the news that the accusations against her were dismissed came as a complete surprise to her.

Markowski said, “I was so afraid I was going to be arrested that day.  Instead, this angel of a man appears before them with arms wide extended. In what universe does it make sense? The father of the person whose paralysis I caused?”

One year after the incident, the two people made the decision to have a face-to-face meeting in a nearby coffee shop. Markowski’s eyes welled up with tears the moment he saw Francisco get from the vehicle on crutches.

During the course of the conversation, Markowski conveyed her sorrow and stated her apology for the mishap, then, Francisco delivered to her the news that he had been saving up to deliver to her in person ever since the accident.

“I forgive you,” Francisco stated in a calm voice.She added, “The minute David embraced me in his arms, I forgiven myself.”

Francisco and Markowski are still maintaining their communication with one another, moreover, Markowski said that there is “a soul connection” between the two of them. “It seemed as though fate had brought us together,” they said.

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