Ana de Armas: It’s ‘Tough’ for Audiences to ‘Understand’ My Marilyn Monroe Movie Is ‘Not a Biopic’

Blonde director Ana de Armas believes that viewers had a difficult time understanding that the film was not intended to be a historical biography of Marilyn Monroe.

Viewers had mixed reactions to the controversial film adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’s 2000 book of the same name, which was released on Netflix. De Armas, who is 34 years old, responds to the criticisms in a new entry of the “Actors on Actors” series published in Variety.

During the interview, Eddie Redmayne, who was partnered with Ana de Armas, said that he had a similar experience with his film The Danish Girl, which was released in 2015 and was based on a real person named Lili Elbe but was an adaptation of a fictitious novel.

The actress from “Good Nurse,” who is 40 years old, remarked, ” When there is a real person involved and you are portraying a fictitious version of that person, I find the situation to be rather challenging, it’s difficult for me to sift through everything to figure out what the reality is.”

Said de Armas, “There is this photographic recollection of Marilyn that everyone of us have, therefore, we believe that we are aware of what was going on throughout that time period. The book has one interpretation, but the movie is giving it a different one, and it’s blended in with the tale of the book.”

She proceeded by saying, “I believe that’s what the public has found difficult to comprehend about the movie; the emotional reality is so intense in the picture that it’s hard to distinguish that it’s not a biography.

It was “essential” for Blonde to portray “the tough part or the dark side.”

“Because, as she went on to explain, “what occurred was real despite the fact that the book and the movie are works of fiction. If everything was fantastic and wonderful the way it should have been, you wouldn’t pass away at the age of 36.”

Andrew Dominik, the director of the film Blonde, was a recent guest at the Red Sea International Film Festival, where he discussed his perceptions of why American viewers “hated” the film.

He reportedly said that, “They want to reimagine Marilyn Monroe as a strong and independent woman since we are now living in an era in which it is vital to show women in positions of empowerment.

They are looking forward to seeing it. And it bothers them if you don’t show them that you care about it.”

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