Andie MacDowell’s Children Caused the “Silver Fox” Mom to Fall “In Love” with Her Appearance, Despite the “Craziest” Age Criticism…

Andie MacDowell has amassed an impressive body of work in Hollywood over many decades.

She has had a lot of success as an actress throughout her life, but she has also had some success as a wife and as a mother. She has done well in all of the parts she has played.

MacDowell’s first marriage was one that she did not anticipate, although it did result in the birth of three of her children. She was under the impression that the guy she would marry would be either a doctor or a lawyer; nonetheless, she ended up wed to a model.

During her time while modeling for Gap, MacDowell crossed paths with her first husband, Paul Qualley. However, MacDowell had already seen Qualley at an airport, and he was also familiar with her from her appearance on the cover of English Vogue.

Reportedly, when they found out that they would be working on the Gap commercial together, Qualley was quite enthusiastic about the chance of finally getting to meet MacDowell.

MacDowell did acknowledge, though, that she had some reservations about dating him. She stated that a friend attempted to set them up after they had met, but MacDowell was adamant that she couldn’t date someone on the job since she had had never dated a male model.

However, after going together with Qualley, she realized that he was the one she should be with. The wedding took place in 1986, three months later than originally planned.

MacDowell said that at that time she had developed a maternal instinct and was eager to become a mother.

Their first child, a boy named Justin, was born in the same year that they tied the knot, and he was followed by two more children named Rainey and Margaret. MacDowell and Qualley decided to raise their family on a ranch in the middle of the country after getting married and beginning their family.

The couple and their three children found contentment over the few years that they spent living a simple life on the farm away from the rush and bustle of the large metropolis.

Their blissful relationship, on the other hand, was not destined to stay, and the couple’s marriage started falling apart. After being married for thirteen years, Qualley and MacDowell ultimately decided to separate and start the divorce process.

As a result of the dissolution of their marriage in 1999, MacDowell was forced to mostly raise her children on her own while still attempting to further her profession. MacDowell made an effort to pay attention to her professional life and the needs of her kids at the same time.

Even though she was able to bring up her children well, she found that her work was put under a little more pressure. She said that her work was much more challenging now that she was in her 40s compared to when she was in her 30s.

MacDowell later discovered love in the arms of Rhett Hartzog, a successful businessman, when she was raising her children by herself. Despite the fact that they didn’t start dating until 2001, Hartzog had a hidden crush on MacDowell while they were in high school.

However, three years after the pair tied the knot, the extravagant wedding celebration resulted in the divorce of the marriage.

At the time, there was little information provided on the specifics of their breakup, and a source indicated that “It’s a difficult and extremely private moment.”

MacDowell felt the ache of not being able to color her hair during the lockdown time in 2020 after receiving nasty remarks about turning 40 and dying her hair to cover her silver hair.

MacDowell, who was living next door to her kids at the time, said that they urged her to maintain her natural hair color because they thought she looked “badass” if she did. They complimented her on her silver hair and said it brought out her eyes.

MacDowell shared the following with Drew Barrymore while they were discussing her decision to maintain the natural color of her hair: “The thought that I could pull off a badass appearance really piqued my interest, so I went for it!”

She went on to say that she had never felt more attractive in her life, but that her statements had gotten her in trouble with her bosses.

MacDowell said that her management were of the opinion that it was not yet time for her to embrace her silver hair, but she was not in agreement with this assessment.

MacDowell expressed to her management that she was happy and strong, and that she was loving the stage of her life that she was now in.

She also revealed that she believes young people appreciate her for doing it since it was something that her girls advised her to do. In her words: “It was love at first sight for me… I have to admit, I’ve never felt more attractive.”

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