Angel Truck Driver Sees Horrific Incident and Immediately Stops to Help the Injured… Police let him to the scene when they found out who he was…

Tony Doughty from Greenville, Texas, diverted from his route to provide assistance, despite the fact that doing so may end up being expensive for him.

When Tony saw a red automobile crashing into a Jeep outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, while traveling at around 70 miles per hour, he was unable to phone 911 and continue driving down the road, instead, he was forced to come to a complete stop.

Tony is a skilled truck driver who has been working in this industry for the last 15 years. He also has an astounding two million miles of accident-free driving under his belt, however, in addition to working for Bay and Bay Transportation, he has also been a volunteer fireman for the last 12 years.

Tony was ready to cross the roadway with his emergency medical equipment when he came face to face with a police officer who had also stopped to investigate the accident.

When he found out that Tony had previous experience working in emergency medical services, he put Tony to work!

The driver of the red Chevrolet received medical attention by Tony Doughty, who splinted his fractured leg and stabilized him. After that, he went back to check on the lady who was still inside the wrecked Jeep on the road. She was shaken up but fortunately did not sustain any major injuries.

Tony collaborated with the officer to relay important information to the operator of the 911 call and remained at the site of the accident until the ambulance arrived, at which point he transferred the two wounded drivers into the ambulance and proceeded to the hospital.

The Truckload Carriers Association initiated the Highway Angels Program in 1997 in order to honor those members of their community who demonstrate bravery, consideration, and respect to others.

Tony Doughty, the angel truck driver, has now joined the ranks of the other 1,300 professional truck drivers who have been given the title of Highway Angel.

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