Annie Potts, known as Mary Jo Shively from “Designing Women,” looks amazing in her 70s. She learned to walk again after breaking “every bone” in her body and now dances with her two grandsons

Annie Potts rose to prominence following her debut in “Corvette Summer,” but it wasn’t until her portrayal of Mary Jo Shively in “Designing Women” that she became a household name. She went on to have a successful career in show business.

She was married three times and had one son during a terrible time in her life. She was a single mother for a time before meeting her present husband, who has been by her side for several years and has welcomed two more boys.

Potts said that juggling being a mother and being an actor was difficult for her. She disclosed:

“I’d been watching series and movies during my breaks and discovered that it wasn’t healthy for the kids and that I was exhausted myself. “I don’t regret slowing down since it allows me to spend more time with them.”

The actress stated that she needed to leave Los Angeles for the welfare of herself and her children. Potts had been married three times before, but none of them worked out. When she married her present spouse, James Hayman, in 1990, it was far better than her previous loves.

Potts said what convinced her that Hayman was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and she stated that it was because he adored her son, Clay, from the moment he met him.

The actress stated that when one becomes associated with someone who has children, one must learn to love both the child and the parent, which Hayman accomplished. Potts reflected on the trio’s “instant family” status before welcoming two more sons.

Potts and Hayman are currently in a happy relationship, but before meeting him, the actress stated that she didn’t feel the desire to be in a relationship ever again. She was successful in her career and was able to raise her child on her own. She believed she didn’t require a man.

She stated that her attitude was such that she informed Hayman that she didn’t need him and that he would have to show her that he was worthy of her attention and could add something to her life that she didn’t have.

He provided her with happiness and enduring tranquility, as well as two additional children, but the couple’s life hasn’t always been simple. Potts acknowledged:

“It is constantly a work in progress.” Endure, endure, endure, endure, endure. “Family is really important to me, therefore we’ve worked hard to make it work.”

In the 1990s, Hayman and Potts met on the set of a film. Potts appeared in the film among other major stars, and Hayman was the cinematographer. The actress stated that they fell in love because they shared a passion for their jobs.

Potts said that at the start of their relationship, all she and Hayman spoke about was work, since Hayman worked 16-hour days, seven days a week. Despite the fact that she seldom saw him during this period, their friendship developed.

Potts stated that she appreciated being portrayed as her renowned character, Mary Jo Shively, since there was little portrayal of single moms on television. She believed that was an essential message to convey.

Potts and her family went through every feeling possible in two years, from heartbreak to ecstasy. Potts and Hayman are expecting their first grandchild in July 2021.


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Potts went to Instagram on July 13, 2021, to announce the arrival of her first grandson, a tiny boy named Cassius James Hayman. She posted photos of the newborn alone, with his parents, and with herself and her kid.

In each photograph, the family appeared overjoyed to have brought their first grandchild into the world. Hayman and Potts smiled down on their young grandchild as Potts cradled the kid and her son at the same time.

Hayman turned to Twitter in August 2022 to publish a black-and-white snapshot of Potts looking down at Cassius in his crib. Hayman noted that the photo was shot the year before and that his wife was “looking over” their grandson.

Potts also shared a photo of herself and Cassius on a boat in March 2022. Potts wore a brown hat with a multicolored ribbon, and the infant was clad in grey overalls. Potts claimed she and her grandson were on the lake, and a dog sat in the background.

She announced the birth of her second grandson, a boy named Silas, three months after she uploaded the photo. When her firstborn son received his firstborn kid, the actress revealed she had become a “Meemaw” for the second time.

She posted images of the infant alone and with his family once more. Her heart was “exploding” with excitement as she welcomed her second grandchild into the family, she said.

She has now posted several pictures of her grandchildren on social media. She posted a cute photo of Silas with a book on his lap in September of last year. She laughed. “He was advanced for his age.”

While her grandkids have brought her endless joy, she has also experienced suffering in recent years. When Potts was 21, she was struck by a drunk driver and shattered every bone in her lower half but one.

She has undergone over 20 orthopedic operations since then and has been in chronic pain. However, things came to a head last year when she announced that she would need her ankle replaced. She said that because the ankle joint is more difficult than the hip or knee, it is not a common procedure.


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Potts said the operation would be difficult since she would have to lie flat on her back for weeks afterward, which would be difficult for her as an active person. She also pondered:

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to relearn how to walk.”

Potts took to Facebook in April last year to reveal an x-ray of her replacement ankle. She referred to it as a “bionic ankle,” and she expressed gratitude to modern medicine for giving her a second chance at life, including acting, walking her dogs, and dancing with her grandkids.

Despite having a major operation at the age of 70, Potts returned to work on “Young Sheldon” quickly after her recovery and has left fans in amazement at how young she still appears despite everything she has gone through.

One Twitter user noted that they were watching her on “Young Sheldon” and thought she was a great example of how to age gracefully. She receives similar feedback on her Instagram photos.

Potts published a flashback photo of herself on January 13 this year, thinking her admirers may not recognize the image. Her followers immediately complimented Potts’ appearance.

Some said she hadn’t “aged a bit,” while others claimed the shot was taken the day before she shared it. As one follower put it:

“Beautiful regardless of age.” “My source of motivation.”

Despite the fact that Potts is a grandmother whose body has gone through a lot since her injury at 21, she still wears a bikini and exercises frequently, uploading videos of herself boxing with a trainer.

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