Anthony Harris Astonishes Grieving Girl Who Didn’t Have a Date to the Daddy-Daughter Dance by Making an Appearance There…

Anthony Harris, in a beautiful gesture of generosity, went to a daddy-daughter dance with one of his most devoted fans who had just experienced the loss of her father.

The passing of Audrey Soape’s father and grandfather occurred within a short period of time of each other in the same year, when she was just 11 years old. Since then, the family has been in a state of mourning.

A magnificent father-daughter dance has been recently scheduled to take place at Audrey’s church.

In addition to this, her mother, Holly Soape, had the intention of making the occasion particularly memorable for her daughter. After that, Holly got in touch with NFL player Anthony Harris via the philanthropic organization he was involved with.

Audrey has been keeping up with Anthony’s football career for quite some time now, even though he is now playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.

When Anthony found out that Holly wanted him to escort her daughter to the dance, he was more than glad to oblige her request. In point of fact, Anthony intended to foot the bill for everything Audrey needed, from her dress and shoes to her tresses and cosmetics.

Audrey had a wonderful time at the dance thanks to the NFL player who took her there. He flashed a wide grin and looked dapper in his tuxedo. “He was extremely polite,” was what Audrey had to say about him.

“Even though I was quite nervous, being in his presence helped me feel calmer, and doing things with him was a lot of fun. ” Additionally, Audrey’s mother highlighted how big of an impact Anthony’s gesture of compassion had on her.

“He kept her smiling, he kept her dancing on the dance floor, they raced around the church conducting a treasure hunt, and just playing games; all of these things just made the entire night just really fantastic for her because you could see that she was very nervous to begin with.

However, it didn’t take long for her to open up since he made the situation enjoyable for her.”

Holly said that everything had the feel of a fairy tale and was just incredible.

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