Anthony Hopkins celebrates his 47th year sober with an inspiring message about the power of self-love and recovery

As we begin the new year, it’s vital to take stock of our accomplishments and problems.

That means commemorating 47 years of sobriety for Anthony Hopkins. The two-time Oscar winner recently offered an uplifting message on Instagram about the power of self-love and the significance of getting assistance when we need it.


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Hopkins opened his piece by recognizing the difficulties that many individuals experience, particularly those in recovery. “I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and to let you know that I’m celebrating 47 years of sobriety today,” he wrote. “This is not a weighty message, but I hope it is useful.” I am an alcoholic in recovery. And I know there are folks battling out there.

The actor then gave us some smart words of encouragement, telling us to be nice to ourselves and avoid poisonous situations and people. “In this day and age of cancellation, hostility, and non-compromise, with youngsters being bullied, I suggest [this]: Be nice to yourself,” he added. “Be kind. If someone offends you, get out of their poisonous group. Enjoy your life. “Take pride in your life.”

Hopkins also gave some personal reflections, recalling his “desperate state, in despair,” over five decades ago. “I just had to admit one day that there was something seriously wrong with me,” he explained. “I had no idea it was an illness—a mental, physical, and emotional ailment known as alcoholism or addiction.”

But Hopkins refused to let his ordeal define him. Instead, he sought aid and found a way out. “I’m not an expert on drugs or anything else. I don’t know anything, “except that I’ve discovered a life in which no one abuses me,” he stated. “I want to tell all of you young people who are being bullied to pay heed; you should be proud of yourselves. Don’t pay attention to them. Don’t let anyone push you down.

Hopkins went on to provide some practical advice for folks dealing with addiction or other difficulties. “Talk to someone if you need assistance with any addiction or problem,” he added. “Speak to someone you respect, whether it’s a psychotherapist or a 12-step program.” “There are 12-step programs in every city throughout the world.”

“It doesn’t cost a dime, but it will give you a whole new life,” Hopkins said to individuals who are scared to get treatment. “So, wherever you are, get help,” he concluded. Don’t be embarrassed. Whatever you do, be proud of yourself. Never let anyone get you down. If you’re going to be furious, make it at them. “Congratulate yourself.”

Hopkins concluded his article with a message of optimism and a desire for a prosperous 2023. His remarks serve as a poignant reminder that there is always a path forward, no matter how terrible things appear to be. Hopkins’ message is one we should all take to heart, whether you’re battling with addiction or simply searching for a way to embrace self-love and self-care.

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