As a unique and kind Holiday gift, Dwayne Johnson gives a retired Navy veteran his own personal custom…

Dwayne Johnson recently sent an early Christmas gift to one of his fans whose story impacted him before Thanksgiving.

The 49-year-old actor best known for his role in “Red Notice” shared a touching video on Instagram in which he demonstrated how he surprised a veteran of the United States Navy by presenting him with a customized Ford F-150 Raptor.

Johnson wanted to do “something awesome” for all of his fans, so he invited them to a special screening of his new movie, “Red Notice,” at a cinema near them. Concessions and ice cream were provided at no cost to the audience members as they watched the film.

The Rock said that he had one particular fan in mind when he thought of something “huge” and “unforgettable” to perform for them. His first plan was to donate the Porsche Taycan that he had driven in the movie, but the manufacturer of the vehicle declined.

Therefore, Johnson made the decision to go one step further by donating his own personal customized vehicle, which he refers to as his “baby.”

He explained his reaction to Oscar’s story in an Instagram post by saying, “I collected as much information as I could on everyone in the crowd, and ultimately, Oscar’s story impacted me.”

The personal trainer is a modest Navy veteran who takes care of his mother, who is 75 years old; he is a leader at his church; he offers assistance and meals to women who have been victims of domestic mistreatment; and he takes care of his mother.

Rodriguez said, “I’m simply flabbergasted. It’s a pleasure to finally find someone who can inspire and motivate me as you have done. Your determination inspires me to do better. I keep up with you on Instagram and pay attention to what you have to say. You inspire me. ”

After that, Johnson took Rodriguez outside to show him something, which turned out to be a card that he had written and sent to “Oscar.”

Rodriguez had no clue that the contents of the letter would end up having such a profound impact on his life. He removed the card from its envelope and read the contents out loud. “Thank you for your service.  Have fun with your brand new vehicle!

Rodriguez fell on the ground next to the truck and started crying as soon as he realized what had happened.

“Bro, I was under the impression that this was your vehicle!” The actor responded to Rodriguez’s statement by saying, “It is my vehicle!” Now the vehicle is yours to drive!”

After that, Rodriguez demonstrated to his girlfriend over FaceTime who he was hanging out with at the time.

As Johnson reflected on the event, he stated that “[it was] just an honor for me to give a little bit of joy to someone who deserves a lot more than just my truck.”

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