As Elvis’s family and heirs continue to carry on his legacy, Priscilla Presley says that Elvis’s story does not have a “happy ending”…

Elvis Presley is often referred to as “The King” due to his extraordinary standing in the chronicles of rock ‘n’ roll history. He is thought  to be one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

Priscilla Presley, who later became Elvis Presley’s wife, was only married to her husband from 1967 to 1973.

Priscilla Presley had a significant impact on Elvis Presley’s life as well as his music, despite the fact that the couple was only married for a brief period of time.

She Presley was just 14 years old when Elvis met her during his time spent in the army. As a result of their passionate relationship, Priscilla finally relocated from Germany to Graceland, where she could be with Elvis.

Following a number of trips, Priscilla’s parents consented to her moving to Tennessee with Elvis in 1963.

The couple was married the following year, in 1967 and their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, was born a little more than a year and a half after the couple tied the knot.

Priscilla Presley spoke up about her life and her connection with Elvis in an interview that took place in 2012 as it was commonly believed that when she was a teenager, Elvis helped shape her image by dressing her and making sure she looked the way he wanted her to.

“I became pregnant shortly after my husband and I were married in May 1967, when I was 21 years old. At first, I was completely taken aback.

I immediately had the idea, “Oh my my, here I am married, and now I’m pregnant, and I’m not going to look nice anymore.  It was unquestionably a difficult period, ” she noted as well.

Priscilla also related how deeply touched she was when she went to the debut of a movie that was based on the life and work of her late husband. On Facebook, she posted the following:

“The story, as we are all well aware, does not have a pleasant conclusion, though I believe you will have a better understanding of Elvis’ journey after seeing this film, which was written by a filmmaker who poured his heart and soul into it and worked on it for many years.

These days, the Presley home places an incredible emphasis on family. And it is obvious that Priscilla, Lisa Marie, and Riley have a great deal of affection for one another, despite the fact that they may not see one another very frequently.

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