As her break from The View comes to an end, Whoopi Goldberg pays emotional tribute to her co-stars

After so many months of on-and-off breaks, Whoopi Goldberg is finally returning to The View.

The star left the talk show earlier this year after making controversial comments about the Holocaust, and while she came back after a two-week suspension, she left again in April to work on a new project.

When she returned, she expressed how much she missed her co-hosts, but she also revealed how much fun she had while on leave.

The actress-turned-television personality was returning to her Hollywood roots as she filmed a new film in Scotland titled Anansi Boys, based on Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name.

She was greeted on stage with a round of applause from the audience and hugs from her co-hosts, and she didn’t hesitate to say, “Well, I will say it is really nice to be back,” as fans and co-stars alike expressed their gratitude.

Nonetheless, Whoopi went on to describe her experience filming, saying, “I have to tell you, it’s one of the best sets I’ve ever been on.”


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“I want to thank ABC and The View because one of the things I get to do, and I’m really pleased about it, is go do the other thing that I’m kind of good at, and they allow me to do it,” the Sister Act actress said candidly.

She continued her heartfelt tribute by saying, “Sometimes it goes a little longer than you want it to, but I can’t thank all the women enough.”

Fans reacted positively to her return, writing, “So good to have Whoopi back,” “We missed you Whoopi,” and “Looks like she was happy to be back.”

According to the book’s description, “Mr. Nancy—aan incarnation of the West African trickster god Anansi—ddies, leaving twin sons who discover one another’s existence after being separated as young children,” and Whoopi plays one of the main antagonists.

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