Ashton Kutcher discusses wanting children with Demi Moore and how he felt when her memoir was published…

Even though Ashton Kutcher’s life has become much more private since his days on That 70s Show and when the paparazzi were always following him, he still seems to have no problem being as open and honest as possible.

In a recent interview, the actor revealed everything about his life, both in the present and in the past. He spoke candidly about his marriage to Mila Kunis, whom he has been married to for the last eight years, as well as about his previous relationship with Demi Moore.

When the exes initially began dating in 2003, their relationship was the subject of a great deal of interest and speculation from the public.

When Demi and Ashton were married in 2005, she was 40 years old and he was 25, and as a result, Ashton became the stepfather to the actress’ kids from her previous relationship with Bruce Willis.

Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout were twelve, ten, and eight years old respectively when the event took place.

When he thought back on his life as a young stepfather, he recalled the following: “I was twenty-six years old, and I was responsible for an eight-year-old, a ten-year-old, and a twelve-year-old.” He went on to say, “That’s how some teen parents must experience their twenties.” He also mentioned that he was their caretaker when Demi was away on location for various acting jobs.

The actor also discussed their determination to have kids of their own, an endeavor that ultimately resulted in a devastating late-term loss and a challenging journey through the process of in vitro fertilization (IVF).

He came clean and said, “Losing a baby that you believe you’re going to have, is very, really awful.”

In 2011, Demi and Ashton divorced, and despite the fact that he has been accused of infidelity on more than one occasion, the issue of their divorce was not taboo when he was interviewed for his most recent magazine feature.

He stated, “Nothing makes you feel like more of a failure than getting a divorce, it means you were not successful in your marriage.”

His reactions on his ex-wife’s memoir, Inside Out, which was published in 2019 were also a subject of discussion, and he did not shy away from revealing that he was not thrilled with the publishing of the book and said, “I was [expletive] upset.”

“If I didn’t like children, I never would have tied the knot with a lady who already had three offspring of her own.

It would have been a dream come true if we had been able to have another child,” the actor said.

The father of two explained that after finally escaping from years spent as the subject of never-ending tabloid fodder, the memoir catapulted not only him but also this time his wife and two kids, Wyatt and Dimitri, back into the media’s watchful eye.

“I had at long last arrived at a point in my life when the media had stopped focusing on Mila and me, as well as my life in general and my family. And then the next day, [the paparazzi] are at my kids’ school,” he continues, before halting himself and reiterating that there are “no bad feelings” and that he doesn’t “want to open anything up in that domain.””

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