At a Football Game, a Boy Crawls into the Arms of a Complete Stranger; His Aunt Chases Her Down Using an Impactful Facebook Post…

It is remarkable to see strangers, regardless of their country, political affiliation, or religious beliefs, willing to help others in their immediate environment.

A further example of one of these kindhearted strangers is Mrs. Angela.

The aunt of Isaiah thought the situation was resolved when little kid approached a stranger at a football game and had a chat with her that lasted for twenty minutes.

However, she was not prepared for the emotional reunion that took place two weeks later when her nephew ran into his new buddy. This event left her feeling unprepared and overwhelmed with emotion.

“I thought that their interaction would be the same as it was the previous time, but I was mistaken.

Isaiah beamed at her with a smile as he climbed up into her lap and rested his head on her shoulder as he approached her. She greeted him with enthusiasm and arms wide open.

Isaiah was put to sleep by this woman by being massaged and being rocked to sleep as if he had just been born, it was such a cute little thing!”

Star Balloon-Bradley was so moved by the kind action of a total stranger that she felt compelled to tell her story on Facebook in the goal of locating the one who had been so kind to Isaiah.

And, luckily, she was found and said , “the kind things that have been spoken about me have caused me to feel humbled. Isaiah is a complete and utter sweetheart!

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