At the age of 71, David Foster became a father once again. After the older children, he ‘never saw,’ he is now spending time with the youngest son…

David Foster, winner of many Grammy Awards, put in countless hours at work to support for his family, which forced him to spend the majority of his time away from them.

Even though he was absent for the most of his time with his elder children, he has the opportunity to make amends with his youngest kid.

It was announced in February 2021 that Canadian artist David Foster has become a father for the fourth time with his wife, Kathrine McPhee. Foster was 71 years old at the time.

Although this is Foster’s sixth kid, it is McPhee’s first child; the couple was married in June of 2019, hence this is McPhee’s first pregnancy.

Foster spoke openly the fact that he would be receiving his youngest kid Rennie when he was in his seventies. He said that he never expected that such a thing would happen, particularly at his age.

Foster said that when he was younger he was a workaholic and seldom “saw” his children since he was so focused on his career.

Although that has not changed, the devoted father said that he now understands how to put his kid first:

“I had a lot of work to do. Even though I have a lot of work right now, I am willing to cancel everything only to spend time with him. It’s simply different.”

The doting father said that his kid is a joy to be around, and that he and his wife, McPhee, are having a great time in spite of how busy their schedules are.

Even though Foster and the mother of his kid would like not to travel too much, they do sometimes bring their son along with them on business travels.

The famous couple from Hollywood claimed that their newborn child already has an interest in music, as he has been introduced to the piano as well as an electronic drum pad.

Foster said that given the fact that he and his wife are both successful musicians, they have a strong belief that their son would follow in their footsteps.

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