At the dance recital, a little girl frantically searches for her family, and when she finally finds them, her happiness has no bounds…

Emmy Krow, who was just three years old at the time, was attending a dance performance when she won the hearts of thousands of people with her ecstatic response upon seeing members of her family in the audience.

The day was very significant for Emmy Krow. At Unity Dance Spectrum in Chicopee, Massachusetts, the little girl was about to have her very first dance performance in her very first dance recital. You could see Emmy looking off into space as she surveyed the audience as the teachers led the young dancers onto the platform dressed in festive attire.

The little girl, who is just three years old, is looking around the room for the recognisable faces of her loved ones in an effort to get comfort and reassurance from them. Concern and apprehension are written all over her face before she is even able to find her loved ones within the crowd of people.

Then, however, a miraculous event occurs: she sees her family for the first time. The second she realizes it, the look of unbridled happiness spreads over her features. It almost seems as if she is wiping away happy tears when she learns that she has her very own cheering team there to encourage her.

The ecstatic mother of Emmy, Chelsea Krow, couldn’t hold back the urge to post about the priceless event on social media. And as soon as she did, the heartfelt video was rapidly shared all over the internet.

People’s hearts were moved all over the place as a result of the real delight that this little child expressed throughout the dancing presentation.

In point of fact, the well-known broadcast journalist Maria Shriver even posted the video on her own Instagram profile, commenting on it as follows: “This is precisely how I feel when I see my granddaughters – pure and absolute delight!”

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